Just Dance 2022 – Full Song List Trailer – Nintendo Switch

* O link para o vídeo completo está no final desse artigo.
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Get ready to hit the dance floor with 40 hot new tracks in Just Dance 2022. Available now on Nintendo Switch:

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28 comentários em “Just Dance 2022 – Full Song List Trailer – Nintendo Switch

  1. Witch boss made me return the game to the store XD
    And tha fact, that if you buy the game even at full price, you won't get access to all the songs -.-
    They wanted more money, so I give them less.

  2. I know I'm old when I've only heard 10 of these songs before…especially when I liked 95% of the original Just Dance soundtrack. Or is today's music just plain awful.

  3. I can't believe just dance 2022 is here, I loved it! and there's the old
    songs and the new ones I loved

  4. I'm just here for the animal dancers. There usually are roughly 4 or five for every iteration….

  5. Did anyone notice in the first song “Don’t Go Yet” the dancer on the far left stepped on the other dancers toe? Lol 0:13

  6. I used to play this back in the day when it was a mobile game and not Ubisoft game, is it just me or the coreographies are so much worse and easier now? I want to buy this for my switch but I am not sure it is worth it, also songs dont have the dancy energy they had before

  7. HOLY FUDGE WAHt gloiruy ius isthere to everywhere. this!!// for thsomethat realy hnneds to e ot get mroe this INT hoelds eveyrh thint

  8. I feel old saying this, but I only like some of the older songs. Also I've bever had as much fun with any Just Dance game the Just Dance 2014.

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