Is Subliminal Messaging Real? | Earth Lab

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Are we free-willed and self-aware or could it be that we are just confused apes in the thrall of our subconscious mind? Greg Foot takes a looking at the murky idea of subliminal messaging.

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[i] Loftus, Elizabeth F.; Klinger, Mark R. (June 1992). “Is the unconscious smart or dumb?”. American Psychologist. 47 (6): 761–765.


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32 comentários em “Is Subliminal Messaging Real? | Earth Lab

  1. I don't really believe this and I am immune to subliminals music and I am 16 girl and already crazy and not normal so

  2. Yes it does work but it has to be like possible which means no, you can't get magical superpowers and you can't change your eye colour to red or yellow and you can't turn into a dragon.

  3. Subliminales changed my face shape I made them work on me with practice and motivation

  4. Its easy it's a yes. Humans are just to stupid to see all those things. We are so much more then we are rn. We just have to learn it again

  5. I don't believe and subliminal messages to the point of conspiracy theorist but I think you're wrong about one thing when you see an advertisement when you're thirsty or not I can actually end has been proven to make you thirsty and don't want one it may even make people think they want one when they really don't especially if they have addiction there is subliminal messages to a degree but not to the point of conspiracy theorists are you sure you didn't read it wrong because ads tend to make you thirsty and want it but you still have somewhat control to fight against it like I used to get popcorn all the time when I go to a movie because I felt it's so nice to have a popcorn and I think in my mind that I have to have it the movie those kind of ants can make you think you have to have it your hungry now I only get popcorn every once in awhile in a drink but there is on a small scale some truth to subliminal messages

  6. I came here from eye color changing tutorial.
    Seems like it works.
    Wait till i get my Mangekyou Sharingan
    ( evil laughs )

  7. yes it worked for me in 10 days of listening (I listened to it for some hours per day) it was a subliminal of curing some weird fethish ,I would like to thank that person who made it for everyone for free.but it could also take someone 90days to fully effect your brain the more you listen the better also after you achieve your desired results please listen to it sometimes as in long term the results may start to fade away .

  8. raise your hand if you didnt understand anything in this video.
    also yes sublimatic messages are real and do work.

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