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Is it cheaper to buy car insurance online or through an agent?

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  1. If you are going progressive, do it online. If you call the 800 number the rep will give you a higher quote than online…Insurance is a necessary evil, but make no mistake …it is a racket designed to lift your wallet. My renewals have increased $300 lor the past two 6 month periods. On all of my other progressive policies they are 1 year and I prepay. For some reason they forced me into this 6 month thing for 3 of our vehicles. They also have limited the number of vehicles I can have on my commercial policy (22 yr old policy with no claims). I can only substitute, no new additions…some more way to treat a lifetime customer. I guess we are now paying for the "peaceful protest" claims.

  2. I have progressive on three cars liability only through an agency.i just did the online quote through progressive direct for the same three cars and that quote is $60.00 cheaper per month i need the rate reduction how should i proceed?

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