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  22. Hey I am a real person on YouTube. Let me just tell anyone passing by, do not waste your money on this, it's literally a fancy way of gambling.

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  27. For people that don’t know, this video is half good and half inaccurate. The Greeks matter a lot too and not just delta and theta. Greeks all together will give you a clue of the worth of the risk, not to mention spreads, volatility, open interests & volume. those all dictate how liquid the option is for you to get in and out without having a big spread which can lead you to a guaranteed loss.
    my advice to beginners, don't take these strategy videos seriously, get a good professional to help you. you can make great profits fast, but you can lose it all even faster.

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  40. Talk about competency and transparency and I'll talk about Master Danny Brondolf. I'll say it all day "thank you sir"

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