IQ Option best indicators combination | Binary Options Trading

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IQ Option best indicators combination | Binary Options Trading
Welcome, My name is Katie and in today’s video, I will show you a successful IQ option strategy. I will use three indicators to help you get an accurate signal. I will explain the essence of the method in detail. I also trade at different times. So do not switch the video. Every detail is important to improve your trading experience. Indicators that are used in the video: Moving Average, Parabolic Sar and Stochastic Oscillator.

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WARNING: Trading CFDs carries a high level of risk as the use of leverage can affect your financial position both positively and negatively. Trading on CFDs is not suitable for all investors, as it can result in a complete loss of the invested capital. Never invest more than you can afford. Be sure to familiarize yourself with all the risks before you start trading complex financial products.

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  1. of the 3 strategies you posted on your channel operating on iq which has the best result

  2. Dios te bendiga y te de mucha salud, muchas gracias por el contenido y por hacer que avancemos con tu conocimiento. saludos desde Ecuador.

  3. Mam which is the perfect time to trade?
    And which asset is perfect for that time?
    Please tell us mam

  4. Hello, great video. I didnt understand the parabollic Sar. How do you know if the are two or four points?

  5. Hi Katie , do you trade on behalf on someone ? i.e I give you x amount . If you make X amount you take a cut ? Are you open to something like that ? Please get back to me! 🙂

  6. Investment are stepping stones for success. Waiting for the government to provide is a big waste

  7. ممتاز اقولك ليش تعمل فيديو بث مباشر
    حتي المتابعين يفتح الصفقة مع بعض

  8. Буду пробовать этот метод, у меня всего 3 доллара, спасибо за метод, надеюсь получится

  9. Thanks Katie, if you have 3 indicators must all be synchronized for you to place a bet, what if 2 are same and one is not what will I do?

  10. Hai, I have one clarification whic is best traditional Japanese candlestick or Heiken ashi? Then one more doubt suggest me best time frame and trade time? I practiced in Olymp trade

  11. I've already broken several banks, and you've been making profits, you've been trading binary options for a long time.

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