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One of the most common questions and a rule-of-thumb to give you a budgetary number for your home standby generator installation, including EVERYTHING necessary for a complete install. Permits, inspections, first year maintenance, etc. Its best to have a realistic and honest number up front, BEFORE starting your project or you may end up with “extras” added on that you may not have expected. Beware of companies that do not document the entire scope of work and detail what’s included with your installation. Make sure it’s all there!

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12 comentários em “INSTALLING A HOME STANDBY GENERATOR – "What does it cost?"

  1. Thank you for the advice. We got a $13,000 and $16,000 bid to install a Generac 22k stand-by here in northern California. We decided to hire each trade separately and here are our costs:
    • Permit: $325
    • Concrete pad for generator $100 (I poured it)
    • Generator: $5,400 (all taxes and delivery)
    • Electrician: $1,000 (parts and labor)
    • Propane: hook up from our propane supplier $1,000 (I dug the ditches)
    • Generator installer: $1,000 (too much for what he actually did, but we were ok with it)
    Total costs: $8,825


  2. I bought an 30kw MEP805B on a trailer with 150 hours for 8k. 200 amp double throw switch, 100 amp crouse hinds plugs, 100ft of 2/4 soow, 2k. Brand new 500 gallon diesel tank with 20gpm pump, 2k. 12k for the complete setup. The prices people are quoting for inferior equipment in the comments section are absolutely absurd!

  3. You guys are chargeing 2.5 times the cost of the generator ! Thats amazing you can keep a straight face,hahaha.

  4. How does cost change if you don't want to run the whole house and want to pick and choose what you want running . here we have wells and we have heat pumps and only electric available here . The well the heat pump are most important to me as are the water filter and some appliances

  5. Good information, thank you. I'm down in Texas so you can't help me with the installation. The 2 to 2.25 ratio is consistent with the over the phone quotes I have. I made an appointment at the end of March for an estimate and they will be here at the end of June, life is good for some.

  6. Listen at this dude for 1minute he's trying to build cost. Just listen closely he's repeating the same thing. He's setting you up by starting with equipment then 2-2.25 labor. They gonna make money because of the old scare factor. Lol

  7. Typical 2400sf, contemporary out in the country, Upstate NY. Occupied by 2.5 adults ( a daughter in college).
    All electric except the cooktop which is gas. Heated and cooled by geothermal.
    I'd like to use LP. What size tank do you spec for a situation like this, and would you include burying it?
    Great video, thanks for posting.

  8. Generac, on their website, grossly underestimates the cost. They say a typical install should be about $2,000. My install, according to my installers, was not typical, it was as simple as could be, yet they were the low bidder and the install cost was about twice that.

  9. We had three companies give us a quote for the Generac 24 KW. 1st quote: $16,500, 2nd quote: $13,200, & 3rd quote: $11,500 but left the permit pricing open. Generator price difference between $1,500 to $2,700. All were marked up at least 25% the Generac online. Thanks for the break down of the pricing.

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