Inergy Flex Solar Generator Running My Whole House

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Can a solar generator run my whole house? Let’s find out.

You can get your Inergy Flex here

The Inergy Flex is a 1500 watt portable solar generator that can power a huge variety of devices. While it is not designed to run an entire house like a backup generator I modified my house with the appropriate equipment to run everything off of the Inergy Flex. This portable solar generator can be used for camping, RVing, off grid tiny homes and emergency power outages. Here are some tests to show just how capable this unit is. Enjoy

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  1. Same test you did with the lionenergy safari me but that device serves as a standby battery backup. A matter of what you’re looking for and what you’re willing to pay. Good vid Jim

  2. Waste of time video. it's cool that it can run low power led stuff in your house. you should show how long in a real world draw. How long for refrigerator and so on.

  3. Pulling 700 watts on demand like that; that one battery is obviously going to last a couple hours before it's all dead. Guessing you must be thinking of adding a few batteries to the system if you want to rely on it for all night use. . . .

  4. Thx bud that was a cool video. Also you got yourself an awesome lil cabin there.

  5. The EP500 Pro is the BEST SOLAR GENERATOR on the market. The Titan solar generator was the best until the EP500 Pro was announced. The Bluetti AC200P is also great and is better than the Inergy Flex as a single unit.

  6. What a great review! I've had van lifers tell me this isn't enough power and there's no way they have that much stuff running in their vans unless they have some big ol honkin electric heater or a/c that will suck the power out of any generator. I, too, have a pre production model and run everything in my van. I do have 2 very small heaters for a total of 500 watts, a fridge, lights, hair dryer (typical girl 🙂 , charging the laptop and a dvd player and a small electric water faucet. Yes, this is 1500 watts but has a surge up to 3,000 and is capable of so much more than people want to give it credit for. I love the unit and will be putting it to the test in the van this month. Thanks for such a great vid. You want to come to my house to help me set it up? Your place is awesome!

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