I MAKE 1850$ WITH A BOT on PocketOption, best free trading software / Binary options app tutorial

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It is impossible to lose money using this system. What are binary options for beginners? Training and trading strategies. A new strategy, I think everyone will be able to repeat and earn money online from a phone or computer for free. Hi everybody. in this video, I will show you one of the coolest and simplest strategies that I use myself. It earned more than $500,000 for 4 years of work, so it will definitely be useful to you!

This video is for educational purposes only. This is not financial or investment advice, speak to a certified professional before investing.

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38 comentários em “I MAKE 1850$ WITH A BOT on PocketOption, best free trading software / Binary options app tutorial

  1. I saw your video regarding the expiry time of 2 mins and now it is 5 mins? Is it okay the expiry time will be 2 mins? If the bot analysis is up or down timeframe 5 mins?

  2. There might be an economical turmoil but there is no doubt that this is still the best time to invest.

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  4. It takes a lot of dedication and discipline to have a financial set goal and have the courage to work towards achieving your goal. Procrastinating won’t help you out during these difficult times but investing with a good trader will. I will recommend you Zane Omar who makes it possible. Connect with him if you are courageous to take that bold step of financial breakthrough

  5. When it comes to bitcoin investment, i always recommend beginners to reach out to Zane Omar ever since i started investing in crypto and binary options I haven’t had a loss due to the technique and strategies he uses in trading the foreign exchange market…

  6. Really disappointed with him I Lost 200$ when he use before social trading now he removed me in private group don't ever following his signals you'll lose your money all his good comments here in the videos below he paid comments don't ever following him I advise you.

  7. Hi i just want to know ,u r calculating bot Signal as 500 and saying 350 are correct,, and saying 75% profitable signals,, how are u calculating bot giving that many signals… Because when I placing a trade .i am losing more than 50%

  8. How come when you get this hot your still suck smh you make 100% profit here but in real time your average is around 50% even with this new bot your a fraud you make money even when we lose thats why you dont care

  9. I don’t even need to know much about crypto before I get to invest, Thanks to ms Kyle William Jener and her platform.

  10. Thank you Dmitri. you doing what no other professional Trader would do. thank you for this Far.

  11. Thank you so much bro, You are my inspiration, after I joined your team I am making money everyday

  12. i have been making losses trying to make profit trading crypto. I thought trading demo account is just like trading the real market… can anyone help me out or at least advise me on what to do?

  13. Так то PocketOption нормальная контора. Мой опыт как трейдера подсказывает, что брокера нужно выбирать не по рейтингам или советам "опытных" а именно самому пробовать торговать и даже ошибаться. Потому что у кого то лучше будет получаться у одного брокера, у другого в другом.

  14. Good video, Some thing i need to say no matter how hard the world pushes against you, Within you, there’s something stronger something better ,A true deep desire pushing right back. I have been in your team now from 2022, have seen you on bad and good days seen you near to braking and about to give up, But you never have, An keep believing in yourself and your dream . That you can make this happen,not for your self, but for the team you can make anything happen.thank you,