I Hired A Psychic To Draw My Soulmate…

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31 comentários em “I Hired A Psychic To Draw My Soulmate…

  1. You shoulda bought 2 peoples soulmate drawing and if it was the same u know it’s real

  2. wait what i see similarities on me YO WHAT EXCEPT THE HAIRSTYLE SINCE IVE STYLED IT MOST OF THE TIME NOW EVEN THE DIMPLE WHAT also she looks like she can be blonde tho and im a brunette.

  3. i believe in alot of stuff, but Dont brlieve in this thought id do it for fun tho, i went for the MR wang one the official chinese MR Wang… got mine through. I can say lol the soumate that came through looks kinda like my idea woman hahaha,, but i am already marrried and already with my soulmate.. thing is . i think they do look similar and could pass off as her a few years down the line lol… is it real,, probably not, but its not far off…

  4. I got mines done too but iam yet to meet him in real life although when i watch the pic he loom familiars

  5. I seen one going around the Internet called master wang some people say master wu may wanna check that out

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