I Doubled My $$! Daily Payouts & New Trading Bot! | KuCoin Update

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Yuuur! Whats going on Fam?! As requested, here’s an update on my KuCoin positon. I hope you enjoy the video!

*Not Financial Advice*


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25 comentários em “I Doubled My $$! Daily Payouts & New Trading Bot! | KuCoin Update

  1. Hi Erik. Great video! Tell me, which software do you use to record your phone screen, without getting the red line across the top of the screen? Thanks

  2. Also, thanks for the bot info.. had no idea, learned from your channel more in 10 mins than in watching crypto vids on you tube in last week :))

  3. hey bro,, gotta give you big creds! Have been holding kucoin since 2017, had no clue about how to get the rewards.. Just claimed a bunch of free kucoins that have been waiting for me for 3 years :)))

  4. “KCS is the ticker sign for the Crypto Coin”. Oh boy…. KCS is the token(not coin) for the KuCoin trade exchange, which is the native currency used to deduct from fees at a discount as well as used to stake for dividend type payouts. Not trying to disrespect, but just wanted to clarify. Be careful jumping in blind on trades without doing your homework. Luck like that tends to run out.

  5. Just got into KuCoin today. I bought some TeLcoin with Bitcoin. Under assets, now there is a few choices, Main,Trading, Margin, Futures, Pool. There is a big green box in MAIN that tells me the Total assets of (BTC) 0.0006 then Lending is blank and Total interest is blank. But outside of the green box right undersneath is TelCoin and it has the Total and Available amount and blank In orders. My question is if I want to grow should I just leave it where it is(MAIN) or change it to the other choices?

  6. Have you tried the lending option? It seems to be one of the safest investments I've found so far and thinking about putting a good amount of money into it. It shows it can pay out around 80% annually.

  7. @Erik Graca hey thanks for the video really great help. Might I give a nice recommendation. Why don't u add a telegram where u and other people can share coins to trade with the bot for that day. Build a good community with this Kucoin AI bot. Also if u want to get in touch would I would like to hear more.

  8. Hi, i hold kcs for about a year and a half. I really like it too. But please tell me your opinion, Will you sell kcs when the price will rise to 8dollars and more or will you hold kcs longterm because of dividends? For example 10 years or forever.

  9. Buddy get to the point. Some guys speak way too fast like Canadians but Americans some are annoying they speak a little too slowat times. Speak up and chop chop get to the point man

  10. Please make more videos and for small investors like me and please guide us how to pick a pair for bot thank you.

  11. Thanks bro i created my first kucooin bot today with on 10 buks funny… just want to see the results. Please share your results with us and create nore bots or create a whole series of videos on kucoin trading bot for the sake of knowledge thank you.

  12. Nice video! How can you pick high risk high reward pairs? I want play with it thanks!

  13. Made a quick buck on doge last week, got me thinking I should look at cryptos more….Would also love to see a video of the software/programs/apps that you use to track stocks!

  14. I am new to the crypto area. I never really understood the value until this year. I bought some bitcoin. And now thought I would try the kucoin app that you showed us. Thanks.

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