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I Coded A Stock Trading Bot And Gave It $10,000 To Trade

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What do software engineers do:

A more in depth description of an API can be found here:

What is an API? It’s a type of beer… kidding… API stands for application programming interface and it allows applications to communicate with one another. Imagine the following scenario: You (as in, your application, or your client, this could be a web browser) wants to access another app’s data or functionality. For example, you want to access all Twitter tweets that mention the #stocks hashtag. You could email Twitter and ask for a spreadsheet of all these tweets. But then you’d have to find a way to import that spreadsheet into your application; and, even if you stored them in a database, as we have been, the data would become outdated very quickly. It would be impossible to keep it up to date. It would be better and simpler for Twitter to provide you a way to query their application to get that data, so that you can view or use it in your own application. It would stay up to date automatically that way. An API brokers access to a different application to provide functionality or access to data, so data can be included in different applications… I have been investing in the stock market for over five years and could have written this bot twenty different ways but this strategy worked best with the tools I had available to me. I will go over different trading strategies in the future if this is something you would all like to see me talk about next.

This bot has been in the making for about 3 months and has over 2000 lines of code (a couple lines of code was an understatement). If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comment section below:)


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  1. The current price – support price, are you referring to the latest occuring supportline?

  2. Have you put the code for this bot up on Github? If so I’d love to try and recreate your project and study this with a AI I’ve been testing.

  3. Is this real money? Or are you just back testing with paper money? Also with 10k the bit is trading under pdt rules right?

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