I built a WeBull Trading Bot

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I build a fully automated trading bot for the WeBull platform and share the process with you.

Source Code :
Windows App :
1-on-1 Consultation :

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26 comentários em “I built a WeBull Trading Bot

  1. Have you updated this source code? Thank you for your help. I have no clue how to do this.

  2. Any differences between this, Robinhood and TD trading bots? Are there speed discrepancies between the 3? If you want to get serious about a HFT bot, which one should you go for?

  3. Cool, I wish the big trading platforms would buy this from you. Needing to wait for the limit buy to fire in order to go set a limit sell is a pita. Not to mention 0 stop loss with crypto

  4. Thanks for the code, is very informative for beginners like me. Appreciate the sharing. Cheers!

  5. Great video. When I run the windows app, it asks me for an MFA code right away. Where do I find this?

  6. Hi Jacob,
    After I use the MFA code , I am getting error {"msg": "Invalid verification code format!", "traceId": "asdf232b24cc79e2063046b0157d6", "code": "verification.code.format.error"}, Please let me know If missed anything here ..

  7. The code is out of date since Webull introduce the MFA plus Security questions, no longer can use it. I tried to patch it with tedchou12
    API with out success. Sad momo

  8. After entering the MFA code I get this error “`line 101, in <module>
    if not loginInfo['accessToken'] is None and len(loginInfo['accessToken']) > 1:
    KeyError: 'accessToken'“`

  9. Whats the point of the windows app, If theres no way to edit it to give it our info.

  10. When I run the Windows App it says: "First time login." then "Enter MFA Code :" But I don't receive an MFA code in email or text. What am I doing wrong?

    Update: I downloaded the source code and opened it in Microsoft Visual Studio. I updated my login information, but now I get an error: No module named 'webull'

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