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How to use the Shrimpy trading bot [Full Tutorial]

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In this video, we go through the basics of how to get started with Shrimpy. This includes covering the most important elements of the dashboard, automations, trading terminal, social portfolios, and settings.

You can learn more about these educational topics in our blog here:

Shrimpy is a free application for cryptocurrency owners looking for a solution to automate their trading and portfolio strategy. With Shrimpy’s automated trading engine, users can begin managing their own cryptocurrency index in just minutes!

Shrimpy also has a monthly Premium subscription ($13/mo when paid annually), which unlocks additional features such as advanced backtesting, social trading, and advanced insights.



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  1. Bought enterprise and spent over 300 bucks, lost 2k USD within 3 days to to delays and bugs. As an enterprise user I was supposed to get immediate support, after sending 10+ messages I received a short response that developers will look into this. Today the platform was down. The stop loss for the overall value of your portfolio sometimes works, sometimes it does not. Rebalances after a leader modifies his portfolio take from 10min-12h as we have found out as a group. The market does not wait. I want a refund and I have sent you Guys several messages. Please respond and give me my cash back.

  2. Another great video but I'm still for the motion that experience can help you generate more profits than bots.

  3. Shrimpy possible of SCAM MY MONEY cause of their UI issue. they no intention to fix for me. Everyone need to be very careful to use them else may end up like me.

  4. You REALLY need to cover seeting up the API address and the secret code and tell people to SAVE the secret code and the trading password.

  5. If I set a stop following a leader amount and that stop follow is activated, are all my funds converted to whatever I select? Is there a way to just stop trading with that leader instead of converting everything?

  6. How can you reblance while following a leader? I wanna cash out some money when a coin goes up but continue following if that makes sense?

  7. so with shrimpy i would have made $9137, compared to just hodl $43949. How is that a good result? I dont get it

  8. I need a "bot" to set: a limit buy, ..if it goes lower set a stop loss-sell …if it goes higer …sell limit order at a target.. Were can I get this?

  9. What is the point of 100% Bitcoin portfolio being connected to automated portfolio balancer? The whole idea is to balance between coins. At least two ?

  10. enjoying oregon's finest cannabis late at night as i watch this only to start questioning my sanity: Am I hearing things? Am I really THAT stoned right now?

    No, I am not hearing things. Buncha weird background sounds CONFIRMED. The weird hissing at 7:52 followed by what sounds like a warbled, pitch-shifted voice at 7:54 is NOT in my head! More than likely just recorded in a place with a ton of noise and some bled through.

    That being said,

    Yes, I am really THAT stoned right now.


    P.S. I'm not even halfway through this video and oh my GOD I am SO glad I switched from TradeSanta…this is like going from the horse and buggy to a Tesla. Sorry TradeSanta, your product is great (when it works), but this is just….oof. A bajillion times more customizable. So excited to set everything up!

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