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How to Use KuCoin Trading Bot – Crypto Trading Bot Tutorial

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KuCoin trading bot tutorial for beginners – how to use KuCoin trading bots, KuCoin DCA trading bot, KuCoin AI parameters trading bot and learn how the crypto trading bots actually work so you can make the right trades.

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0:00 Intro
0:28 KuCoin DCA bot
2:04 How to create KuCoin DCA bot
5:05 KuCoin Classic Grid bot
6:11 KuCoin Classic Grid AI parameters
8:24 KuCoin Classic Grid custom parameters
11:05 How to create a KuCoin trading bot
12:29 KuCoin trading bot details
15:41 KuCoin trading bot order history
17:36 Profit/Loss

KuCoin app tutorial:

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  1. My question is what's the minimum amount of money do I need in my kucoin account before trading with bot

  2. I borrowed Shiba and sold it and I'm trying to buy it back but the profit in the margin account isn't showing up when I go to buy..this has happened twice now. Anyone know how I can fix this?

  3. Excellent details and presentation. Thank you.
    Btw… Is the bot in the example still running? If so, curious about the results.

  4. I make huge profits on my investment since i started
    trading with Cynthia Moran, her trading strategies are top notch

  5. Your channel is absolutely amazing! You are answering my biggest questions about crypto for the past 4 hours! lol
    Consuming your videos like crazy

  6. I just let mine go with $580 US for a laugh just using the standard classic grid settings … Will report back ..

  7. investing with broker Helen clark have been a good investment for me so i advise all beginners to invest through her

  8. The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing with the aim of making more

    profits then the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich

  9. But with all those trades, how much are the fees? What is the fee structure to use the bot?

  10. I'm a little confused though. If you were to trade BTC in the BTC/USDT market and say it makes a "profit" what is that profit? In the BTC converted against USDT? In other words, when you convert USDT back to BTC, you might lose BTC if the BTC goes up, correct? (I'm talking the amount of BTC you have before and after using the BOT). And, if you think BTC will go up a lot in the future, the profit you make with the bot isn't worth it, right?

    As a concrete example, I'm thinking it's somehing like this. Suppose you invest 1 BTC at $60k USDT. Suppose you make $1k USDT but BTC goes to $62k USDT when your BOT is finished. You then have 61/62 = 0.98 BTC instead of 1 BTC now.

    Does it work like that? I mean you could convert it all to USDT and pocket $61k USDT, but if you would have just held the 1 BTC, it would be $62k.

  11. Hello, I began running my bot about 4 days ago. I initially transferred 500 just to test the waters and I’m up 20% already, so it makes me wonder if I’m able to add more funds to a bot that is already running, or would I need to stop the bot and create a new one with the additional funds, but at a higher entry point now? Thank$ in advance!

  12. This bot doesn't have any entry or exit strategy tho right? So it doesn't do any technical analysis. How much can you really make.?

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  14. That's apr % IS NOT the profit. Not at all….your going to get 3,000% gain. Sorry

  15. As a beginner I’ve come to realize that experience is very essential most of the time. I made weak profits trading on my own but it’s been 3 months trading with CONS Peter Lang and I’ve made over $78,000.

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