How to Use Cup and Handle Price Patterns

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A cup and handle is a bullish continuation price pattern investors use to identify potential trading opportunities. In this video, you’ll learn how to recognize this pattern and incorporate it into your trading.


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26 comentários em “How to Use Cup and Handle Price Patterns

  1. Thank you this's the most easy to understand version of this teaching n I've watched over 2 dozen lol this breaks it down so one can understand it thr 1st time thanks we'll be sharing this with my communities that are learning this stuff we're new to it this yr. So this's very helpful thanks

  2. Ya'll really out here investing money when you see patterns on a chart?? Like thats it? No other DD? LMAO

  3. Cup and handle leads to either an up, down or stable trend. Search a forum on stocks and watch everyone talk shit by either ramping things up saying the stock is about to explode, and others saying how shit the stock is and that they are out, like people on Facebook announcing they are out and wait around for sympathy comments then end up staying because no one gives a shit. Basically, cup and handle means nothing. Stocks go up, stocks go down, sometimes there is a cup and handle pattern made, these patterns mean as much as the patterns you can make out in passing clouds. They disappear and the next cloud comes along with a new shape.

  4. Cup and handle patterns seem to be reliable. As for the bears, I think head and shoulders is also pretty damn reliable.

  5. If people are looking for a cup & handle pattern happening live:
    12/6/2020 MARA stock cup & handle is very pronounced
    **MARA is Bitcoin

  6. Excellent Video on cup& handle. One thing would have mad e it outstanding if you could provide some time horizon for the formation of base and handle etc .