How to use 369 Manifestation Nikola Tesla Method To Manifest Anything You Want!

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In this video I talk about the 369 method that was created by Nikola Tesla. This method is one of the most powerful manifestations that works for me. Nikola Tesla has created a pathway for the world to be what it is today. This video is also to inspire you to take the challenge of seeing the power within yourself through dedication. I am excited to hear you guys tell me your manifestations from this method! You don’t have to do it for 30 days but I am taking on the challenge to see how it manifests in my life

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Manifest Money 369 Method

Scripting 101 Video

Manifest using BAY LEAVES









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  1. thank you for protecting my energy and helping me Manifest the things I want in life and helping me get closer with god

  2. thank you for putting me back on the right track to take my medicine , I am a better person now I’m happier and more confident within myself
    thank you for letting me get my dream job to help me start my nail business and letting me be finically stable
    thank you for helping me build a stronger connection with my boyfriend we trust each other , we confide in each other more and there’s less arguing now we are happy now

  3. gurl your so gorgeous i thought u were keke palmer for a second lol but yeah great video keep up the good work sis ♥

  4. Greetings. Real question with no disrespect or offend you QueenSister. I have a legit question that no one can seem to answer. And if anyone else has the answer please chime in but here it is..I was wondering if you are satisfied with where your finances at this point? I only ask because I was wondering if the 369 method work for Tesla and everyone does exactly as you described it wouldn't everyone would who follows this method will be gazillionairs or healed from a terrible disease or all that they desire come to fruition? I'm not a skeptic but I am a researcher. I guess I'm just looking for receipts. It doesn't cost me anything to try it so I'm going to do because I enjoyed doing magical rituals that harms none. Thank you beloved for sharing this information and be well

  5. Hey say I’ve got what I wanted out of manifesting, do I have to do anything to keep the results up? And can the sentence be longer than 17 secs ? Xx

  6. I’m kinda dumb what does 17 seconds mean like can someone explain.

  7. Hello. Is it mportant what hours to write? And If I woke up about 10 am and go late after middnight is it ok if my morning time I write manifestation is about 10 , midday is 4 am and before bed time is about 2 at night.?

  8. I am manifesting my ideal physical looks
    I am manifesting my ideal life
    I am manifesting all my wishes

  9. Thank you, God, thank you Universe for letting me live my dream job and life. Thank you for giving me happiness.

  10. Thank you god for allowing me to think and act today. I'm a self starter who does not need any external force. I am now easily and effortlessly attracting unlimited abundance and prosperity into every aspect of my life. I give thanks continuously as I move through each day.

  11. Started this video at 9:36pm … if that ain’t a sign I don’t know what is. I am happy to be getting back into manifesting and being positive. I gained a soul mate by manifesting a healthy relationship through the universe, and it made me believe even harder.

  12. I'm starting this tomorrow, I will manifest something I will be gaining in 30 days' time, wish me luck…

  13. I am gonna manifest my first period!!wish me luck will update in 30 days(I am manifesting as I aldready have all the signs and symptoms:)

  14. I’m manifesting that my partner will be communicate well and get a job and return to me.

  15. Do we have to write the same manifestation sentence in the morning. …afternoon and evening?
    Thank you ❤️

  16. Can you manifest more than one thing at a time or or stick to one thing than several things

  17. Do you write different manifestations every day or do you write the same one for a week

  18. People here trynna manifest such amazing things and I just want to manifest some comments and likes on instagram lol

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