How to Solo Mine Monero (XMR)

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This video shows how to solo mine on the Monero GUI wallet and also using XMrig mining software. This is done on Windows with CPU mining.

Websites mentioned
Get Monero GUI Wallet:
Get XMrig:

pls solo mine ty 💖

Introduction: (0:00)
Verify Monero GUI Hash: (0:12)
Get Monero Local Node: (0:53)
Solo Mine on Monero GUI Wallet: (1:56)
Solo Mine on XMRig: (3:17)
Outro: (5:36)

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26 comentários em “How to Solo Mine Monero (XMR)

  1. You should make more videos, let's just say the female representation in the cryptocurrency community is scarce. (and no I'm not one of those identity politics shills.)

  2. Cute voice….so cute!! And you used pink lettering…. what a doll!! The only problem is your verification process is too brief… brief…..that it was a waste of a massive download…..I had to completely wipe my computer.

  3. How can I use my gpu to do this, I have extreme bottleneck where my gpu is way better than my cpu

  4. I started solo mining RVN for the meme today, will update on how desperate I get in the upcoming days

  5. So it's normal for Monero to be so long to download the block chain ok. I won't download anything next or there is new stuff sometimes to get?

  6. I recommend using Linux to you.
    You seem like a very technical person to me that is why.

  7. Thanks for the video. If you can increase the volume little bit it'll helpful, is it possible could you make another video how to do solo mining on Mac OS