How To Setup Bitcoin Automated Crypto Trading Grid Bot On Quadency Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

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How To Setup A Bitcoin Automated Crypto Trading Grid Bot On The Quadency Cryptocurrency Trading Platform.

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14 comentários em “How To Setup Bitcoin Automated Crypto Trading Grid Bot On Quadency Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

  1. Any chance you can add python scripted bots in your. Ideas? I seen lots of exotic codes out there but do they work? I haven't had a chance to play with them yet.

  2. I'm a beginer…you lost me. I dedicated this week to learn about bots, this is my first day and I'm totally confused!

  3. hello, is any possible to use Quadency automatically executive a buy & sell order based on MACD cross signal ? ex, golden cross, executive a buy order. I really appreciate. 🙂

  4. I would only consider it "profit" if the quantity of BTC increases. For instance in the run up from 20k to 40k last week it is pretty much guaranteed that you would be up in USDT but down significantly in BTC with this strategy.
    But say you looked at ETH/BTC pair, now that would be interesting to see if you could grow your BTC and ETH at the same time.

  5. I’m your lover, man! Nice vid

    But did you hear about Ideaology? The system provides a host of freelancers and freelancers with job opportunities. And as I see, they are achieving amazing results coz $IDEA token is available on BTC Exchange. Should I join them?

  6. Thanks for the video. One question. Can I do BTC/ETH or ETH/BTC in the grid instead of using a stable coin?

  7. Which pair of currencies would be recommended if what I want is to accumulate bitcoin. Is this bot free?

  8. Qortal Platform with Qort Service Token

    it is a platform with great potential, exceeding eth by times

    Q-chat has already been implemented, real-time chat on the Qortal blockchain, and a decentralized trading platform with a Qort / Btc pair, will add Qort / Ltc and a voting system in the near future.

    The next step is Data storage + website / application hosting, token creation like ERC20, Qortal mobile app.

    Coins are below $ 0.5, can be bought for 20 cents, the growth potential is huge, as at the dawn of ETH

    Qortal does not use PoW or PoS like more “traditional” blockchains, instead it uses minting. Minting means that each miner shares a portion of the reward for EVERY block. In other words, Qortal does not reward the block signer, but rewards every minter that is online, syncs, and mints! Minting does not require large computing power, an old PC is enough.

    Now you can buy on the exchange Qort / USDT

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