How To Set Up a 4G LTE Antenna for Best Performance

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Setting up a 4G antenna can be a frustrating process. You’re working with forces you can’t see and results are often hit and miss. In this video, we give you some quick, actionable tips to improve your antenna performance.

Establish where your local cell masts are 00:42
Adjust the mounting position with these guidelines:
Situate close to the modem 01:41
Mount outside if possible 01:58
If not, mount on a window 02:13
Mount high up 02:28
Establish as clear a line of sight as possible to the cell mast 03:00
Don’t rule out ‘wrong’ locations 03:18
Create an array for performance gains 03:44
Choose a quality antenna-modem cable 04:45

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19 comentários em “How To Set Up a 4G LTE Antenna for Best Performance

  1. Hi if doing a 4 x 4 array can I mix xpol 1 and 2 or do they have to be the same? Would I just connect one of the two cables attached to each Ariel?

  2. The key component you didn't mention was provider frequency coverage for example the Poynting XPol-1 covers 790-960Mhz and 1710-2700mhz. for 4G frequencies this can leave a limited frequency band coverage, as an example my XPOL-1 on provided ZERO additional benefit to the Huawei router itself even when mounted on a rooftop and situated half a mile between two antennas. This is likely because the only 4G frequency coverage supported by this antenna for three is in the 790-960MHz band however the most attractive unlimited data package is offered by three, EE by comparison would have charged hundreds of pounds or put a monthly data cap in place.

    In other words buying any antenna is virtually useless as the providers know full well that not only will they not provide descent bandwidth in the UK but they prevent users from boosting their own signals based on frequency or data caps.

  3. Hi there, I would like to ask for help if you can! I have a Poynting MIMO antenna and TV Antenna. Does it cause any reception problem if they are mounted together on the same pole? many thanks in advance and God bless!

  4. When I plug my Poynting MIMO antenna in to my Netgear Nighthawk M1 the download speeds get much worse no matter where I put it, I spent all weekend putting it just about every height and direction but made very little difference.

  5. Hi there, I would like to ask what is the best cable to use as an extension between the antenna and wifi hub as standard cable supplied is not long enough? I would really appreciate any help that you can give me. thanks, Sir.

  6. I have a 45dbi lte mimo antenna. I'm using the sprint mifi 8000. I know it's meant for rural areas, theres been more good days than most. My problem is that since it's a high gain antenna I have to try to detune this with 4 sets of plastic bags outside my window within the shade. I had a sweet spot of 45mbps down and 5 up. So I would have to get a longer ts9 set of cables and set this up to a satellite dish for a higher clear site so I can get better quality. And for continuous connection for my streaming.

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