How To Select What Crypto Coins Are Best For Profitable Bitsgap Grid Bot Setup Trading Strategies

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How To Select What Crypto Coins Are Best For Profitable Bitsgap Grid Bot Setup Trading Strategies.

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  1. Hi can you make a video and show the real gain that arrives on binance after closing a bot? Thanks I tried, but in addition to not seeing the gain, even if the coin is in profit, I find myself a small loss. thanks bye

  2. Hi there – I've just started with bitsgap. If I have multiple bots – how do I limit how much resources each bot uses? I set up BTC/USDT, I started my SBOT and pretty much all of my resources have been allocated immediately to the BTC/USDT bot – but I wanted this BOT to use 50% of my resources and then I wanted to allocate 50% to another BOT. So how do you create segmented parcels of your investment for each BOT? So e.g. 50% allocation for bot 1 and 50% allocation for bot 2? Best regards.
    The first BOT I set up was BTC/USDT – is that a good one for a beginner? I read in an article (by Bitsgap) that if you are going to hold BTC anyway, then this is a good one to start (for a beginner), as it will be buying/selling BTC on your behalf and you will end up buying more BTC at a lower price (which makes sense to me). What is your opinion on this?

  3. Thank you, great video and important information, I would like you to answer me the following questions:

    1- What is the meaning of the take profit feature, try to understand it and simplify it for me? What is the use of it? And why did not you use it? Why did you only choose 10%?

    2- What is the best volatility rate for me? from to? And why didn't you choose the highest volatility?

    3- On what basis did you choose the stop loss? Is there a certain percentage or just lowered the line a little?

    4- During the free period, which is 14 days, is it possible to trade 15 bots with real money?

  4. Hey man! Thanks a lot for creating these videos, they really got im into bot trading. I've been trying some bot strategies for couple months but my success rate isn't that consistent. If there would be a chance to create more video for choosing the right coin at that moment that would be great. I would like to learn on few coins how do you decide, when to launch relevant bot. I've seen all your videos where you show bot launch and these were great. Once again, thanks a lot!!!

  5. Thanks for this insight. I was trying to use your strategy but discovered that all coins on my exchange are in the green. Please can you also do a video on how to select a coin to trade when all are in the green. Thanks

  6. what do you think of leverage token trading? Im feeling comfortable to trade LT as futures.

  7. Thanks so much for sharing your thought process. Emulating your tactics of how to think like a successful trader has helped me start my trading process. I used a prior video strategy to target a coin, set my trading strategy and achieve a 1%+ outcome.

    At 51… you can teach an old dog new tracks.

    Please keep sharing videos on your tactics and thought process.

    I appreciate you.

  8. Excellent video.. You do a great service and your teaching method is clear and unambiguous.. Thanks for the help..

  9. i think it's best to close the bot every 24 hrs and restart with the new balance in order to compound. makes a big difference over 12 months.

  10. Would you ever do a LIVE show about bitsgap and your coin selection process? I'm very impressed by your results and I'd love to see more of your process

  11. Hey, RT, nice vid. Thx for the info. Quick question: you dont look at technicals in trading view before deploying? To know if it has a buy or strong buy prospect ahead? Thx again

  12. Do you normally use those same coins in the long term or do you switch them out from time to time?

  13. Thank you so much for these videos. I just started with bitgaps this week and it really helps to see an experienced trader like you showing what kind of results should be possible to achieve! Thank you again!

  14. Grids al excellent in sideways or lightly upside market but for the strictly upside coins, the grid will make you 50% less profits

  15. Do you think Bitsgap Bot will bring u profits when the market will start to bearish? Thanks

  16. thanks RT, enjoying your update vids, have you noticed on the backtesting that the results are not individual? in your example with the VET/USDT backtesting, the 3 day result was 5.52% and the 30 day result 55.19%, ten times more. To confirm this, 5.53 divided by 3 and multiplied by 7 gives 12.88, just a heads up, I'm not sure exactly what period these backtest results are actually based on :-/
    Did you calculate what you would of gained if you had just held the AAVE?
    I love these bots, working out the best strategy for most gains on your portfolio is just so hard! your videos really help with this mission 🙂

  17. I see you don't run a backtest with both spot and classic, I find that one will perform better than the other and go with that, what do you think?

  18. Trading shit coins has been the only L's I've been taking on Bitsgap honestly. Great as always !!

  19. Your videos are very good, but you could activate the subtitles in Spanish to be able to understand them better and that the Hispanic community can follow you, thank you

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