How to select the best Health Insurance? 10 points to consider before taking health insurance!

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0:00 Introduction
4:42 Key points to consider for health insurance
10:59 Should salaried people take health insurance?
12:29 How amount amount of health insurance?

Health insurance is a very important part of financial planning. There have been cases where people ended up selling their assets just because they didn’t had health insurance. However, it is not easy to select health insurance. Now there is a very common question: How to select the best Health Insurance? There are multiple point a person should take care while taking the health insurance. So in this video, I have covered the top 10 points you should consider before taking the health insurance. This would help you to select the best health insurance. I have also explained how you can visit the online portal of ditto to identify the pros and cons of each health insurance. This would help you take an informed financial decision.

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  1. Restoration will get activated only after sum assured gets zero.. ex if 25k is available as balance sum assured and if any family member go for 2 lak claim then 1.75lak need to be paid from pocket.. restoration will help in next claim in that year

  2. Thank you Sahil bro for these continuous videos on Health/Medical insurance. These are really helpful. thanks for sharing info about ditto.

  3. Please talk about Adani Power, whether it is good to buy?? It's future scope?? plz plz plz…

  4. It's not you earned me as a subscriber, but me earned your channel for my needs,…. Agree?

  5. Hello Sahil Bhadviya,
    Thank you for sharing the stock market knowledge and updates everyday. I want to invest in renewable energy sector stocks for long time but I cant find any fundamental strong stocks that meet my criteria. I could see all are debt companies generally I don't prefer debt companies if the Debt to Equity is > 1. could you please help me in this sector. Can we consider Debt to Equity to this renewable energy Sector. could you please share some stocks that are under you watchlist in this sector for analysis. If possible could you please do a fundamental analysis on this sector that will help many investors because I strongly believe that the future is renewable energy. once again Thank you Sahil Bhadviya for your time.

  6. ur super bro…I am following u from long time…young age with vast knowledge…

  7. I took ''Aditya (Active assure diamond health)'' for my parents and its really good….I have done lot of homework to decide on this…

  8. I am working in a MNC company and my company have a health insurance on behalf of me so can I do again

  9. I think that family floating health insurance cover person and his wife and first born kid.for parents you should take separately.

  10. Thank You so much Sahil, Video is very useful and definitely 'need of the hour'.

  11. Hi Sahil, your content is informative and useful. You have presumed only male audience and insurance buyers. Thru the video you mention you and your wife… Address female audience/income generators as well. All the best

  12. I've had bad experiences with these health insurance companies, esp star health insurance. I've dediced I'll take a medical insurance with min coverage of say 3L and I'll keep building a fund for health emergencies. DO NOT just blindly believe these insurance companies to take care of your expenses. There are so many terms and conditions…

  13. Saahil : I had been following you for quite sometime,you are doing an amazing job which is helping me getting my investment knowledge on the right track and soon I am planning to purchase your money management course too 🙂

    I would request you to put out a video for term insurance too 🙂

  14. Excellent brother…I will take medical insurance for my entire family in first opertunity…

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