How to Save Money on Your Car Insurance (Progressive vs Geico vs USAA)

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Want to save money on your auto insurance? Watch this video to learn how I switched from USAA to Geico, then Geico to Progressive to drop my insurance premium down from $3,200 per year to $1,800 per year. My insurance covers my wife and I for our 2010 Porsche 911 Carrera S, 2008 Cayenne Turbo, and 2012 Mercedes C250 Coupe. For more videos and a list of my filming equipment, please check out the links below:

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  1. Beware of Progressive's cunning techniques. Had a terrible experience with them. Recently I was hit on the right side of my car by a driver in Arlington VA. After the accident, the driver came out and apologized, and without taking any information from me, gave me a copy of his driving license, his insurance policy, and I took pictures of his license plate as well. Then it took me so many phone calls to make the claim and initially they were helpful and saying that yeah our driver is at fault and by tomorrow we will get back to you. Then the person in charge of my claim, Christine Castro disappeared totally. I was calling every day and she would never call back. Out of nowhere, she appeared today and tells me we cannot pay for your damages despite the indirect admission of guilt by their driver.

    My advice is to stay away from such a dishonest company.

  2. I switch to Liberty Mutual because USAA was charging way to much, when I called USAA to cancel my insurance with them they wouldn't even try to keep my as a customer. A short time later someone called and ask did anyone in the company try to help me with my insurance rate being lowered. I said no, he gave the usual salesman reason why and offer to lower my insurance by $83. I told him it's to late, plus I was saving $143 a month with Liberty Mutual……….He then said that I owe the company around $144, they would bill me.
    I thought to myself, I'm not paying them anything. Fast forward today I get a letter from FLHSMV Florida Highway Safety Motor Vehicle, in the letter it stated that I am not insured! Guess who sent FLHSMV a letter saying I'm not insured? USAA, you tell me what kind of company does that? This company DOES NOT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT VETERANS!


  4. hmm…so after an accident does your premium go up by a lot from the same insurance you already had? i had geico when I had an accident and now I am trying to get a car and insurance again but I am quoted like 400/month lol

    but I get similar quote from progressive for like 250ish/month

  5. I've been with progressive
    Now it seems
    They are whack I mean seriously
    So unhelpful

  6. Usaa homeowners 3k a year. Gieco 1200. Usaa auto 2500 6/mo. Gieco 700!!!!


  7. Car Fanatic, you are way wrong. Every year USAA provides a rebate due to the fact that they are a non-profit organization. I received a check for over $1000 this year. Also you are a subscriber, sort of like an owner, so receive a Subscriber check. This year mine was over $1000. Basically my policythisyear was free! Does Geico or Progressive give you free? Now car fanatic, I have no idea why you are not getting rebreathe checks or subscriber checks, but I would all USAA and ask about that before you bail out.

  8. They other companies maybe cheaper then USAA but you can’t beat them at customer service and road side assistance. So, you get what you pay for.

  9. I am SERIOUSLY considering changing insurance. I currently have USAA, insuring a 2017 Chevy Van and a 2009 Jeep Patriot. I am paying close to $800 dollars per 6 month with an EXCELLENT driving record. I have been with USAA for over 20 years. I got an online quote from Progressive, which was less than HALF of what USAA is charging me! USAA, you got some 'plaining to do! I will be having a SERIOUS talk with USAA this upcoming week. And maybe with Progressive Insurance as well!

  10. I have Progressive, I have no tickets or accidents ever,, that's more than 20 yrs ect, but Progressive keeps INCREASING my rate every yr, for no reason on my part. like 30% increase,, there all snake insurance company's,, what a trap system,, I'm retired, I'm only on small SSI, the system is a rip off..

  11. Thanks for the vid. For whatever it's worth I used to call around… now I just go to where I can search and compare online (they also have a toll free number I've used). Used them a few times for auto, house, life… great.

  12. I was guess insurance is just high where I live. Single driver 2015 Colorado, 2007 wrx Sti. Allstate was charging $355 a month!! Been with them 11 years. Just switched to Geico.. now down to $195 a month.

  13. USAA has never been able to convince me to switch to them. How can they claim that you're getting thousands of dollars of discounts for being a veteran when it's essentially a prerequisite? It's not like my neighbor that isn't in the military or a veteran can get into this company.

  14. I have one car, i paid about $750.00 a year with GEICO. Liberty Mutual i was paying $1,800.00 a year. BTW, USAA life insurance is a ripoff. I read a story where a couple had a 1 million dollar life insurance policy, the husband died and USAA was denying payment. Who wants to be insured by a insurance company who does not pay off after accepting premium payments for years.

  15. Left USAA last year. They are not the same company they used to be. Saved a bunch of money. Semper Fi!

  16. Excellent common sense video. Good to see this in a relatively young dude- running the numbers is always prudent. As a matter of interest I always got great rates using Costco's car insurance provider.

  17. I am one of those people who assumes USAA always provides the best rates. I need to conduct due diligence on this! Thanks for sharing.

  18. If you have been with the same insurance company for more than 5 years and you have a great record, give them a chance before you move on. Let them know that you are getting much better quotes from other people. The day I decided to call my insurance company to tell them I was cancelling them, they slashed my rates in half to keep me. That was a lot better than the competition was offering…

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