How to mine Monero (XMR) on Windows using your GPU and CPU concurrently!

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In this video I discuss how to mine Monero (XMR) using your GPU and CPU concurrently!


How to Mine Monero with your CPU –


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38 comentários em “How to mine Monero (XMR) on Windows using your GPU and CPU concurrently!

  1. Thanks a lot for the video! I'm new to mining and your video was very helpful. Why did you multiply your hash rate by 20? Does 20 have something to do with the number of zeros of the block?

  2. i got problem with GPU pls help me. 'error: "Please upgrade 'XMRig-AMD/2.14.6 (windows NT 10.0;win64; x64) libuv/1.31.0 msvc/2017' to v3.2.0+ to support new rx/0 Monelro algo", code: -1

  3. So first thing I hear you say is the gpu doesnt give good hashrate for XMR, but Im getting 50.4 MH/s with only my Ryzen 5700 xt, is that considered bad then? (serious question)

  4. it gives me a cn alshare detected, pls update to a rx/0, but if i change to this randomx the miner only crashes again :/ plus the invalid shares wont stop for me 🙁
    is there something i can do ? im pretty new to this stuff ^^'

  5. it wont run by nvidia i have a 1660 how can i fix it, It recognizes the graph and starts to work but it does not mine anything, how do I modify the start.cmd?

  6. It shows "no CUDA device found" when run xmrig-nvidia.Why?My graphics card model is NVIDIA GeForce GT 620M,Is it related to this?

  7. the gpu is mining monero directly with this software?

    also is the gpu need to overclocked? and the wattage spikes during mining? I used to mine eth so maybe you know what I mean.

  8. The standard xmrig v6.10.0 lets you mine both simultaneously in one window with a couple flags set to start it. Those other versions like -amd are from 2021. So anyway , don’t do that. Just mine XMR with a cpu zen 2 or 3 probably at least 3600x but check a calculator first. Probably not worth it even under voltage (dunno 4 intel). Then get your GPU mining something profitable whattomine doooot com.

  9. Question: I have 2 rx5700xt raw II GPUS and 1 rtx 3080 trio. How do make both gpus work for this Miner? Do I have to download both Nvidia and amd miners? Just new spent 2k on all this brand new gear. Already mine ethereum.

  10. Hey! im mining with XMRig , but in the box it says: "to access MSR registers, Administrator privileges required." But since im unable to find XMRig as exe itself on my pc , i cant set it to always start as admin. Do you maybe have a solution?

  11. the NVIDIA file has Trojans and viruses when extracting the file, also the file "config.jason" does not give me the option to edit.

  12. Hi bro I have a rx 580 8gb and i5 2400 I am new to mining and want to start, I don’t want to trade or do things like that with Bitcoin I just want to transfer it to £ when I get it, is this a good currency for my use if not can you provide me with a good one? Thanks in advance

  13. where does your mining go? which wallet do you use for mining monero? Does it go directly to Binance or coinbase?

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