how to manifest anything you want | manifestation methods that actually work for me

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i’m finally manifesting my dream life

I spent years learning about manifestation and trying to ”speak things into existence” without actually feeling like the things I wanted were in reach. I recently started new habits that have helped me change my thoughts and behaviors to align with the life I wanted. Now, I’m seeing everything I am manifesting coming true and feel confident about achieving my dreams.

In this video, I share the manifestation and law of attraction methods that have helped me manifest everything quicker than I ever thought was possible.

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  1. I think if we could also let go of the idea of being too technical about manifestation. Nothing is ever right or wrong, if we understand that truth is subjective then it makes it easier for us to actually feel without wanting to know how to do it, or visualize without seeking the perfect way to do it. Of all things, I think my own spiritual journey has taught me this and every single second of the day I learn how to be less technical and more trusting.

  2. Speaking things into existence that we want to see come into fruition
    Becoming supernatural book embodying who you want to be
    Be your future self
    Goal setting
    Change thought patterns with visualization behaving like ur already there
    God trusting in him
    Trusting the process
    Trusting knowing that you are heading in the right direction
    Trusting that you are doing exactly what you need to be doing

  3. Sounds less like manifesting and more like having a goal, having a plan to get there and working towards it. Way better imo, nothing supernatural about it, just finding what you want, aiming at it and putting in dedication over time 🙂

  4. It helps me to think of manifestation as another form of mental reprogramming. It's definitely something I wanna keep working on, and I hope to build a healthy relationship with my own channel as I do so. Thanks for another insightful video!

  5. I'm truly grateful for you! You've changed my perspective and have given me confidence in the universe and my dream. Keep doing what you're doing! I really appreciate you <3

  6. I've been trying to manifest a relationship but because it was coming from a place of fear, scarcity and lack I had a chance encounter with someone that really left me feeling deflated. Currently I'm working on surrender and trying to better understand my response to things and not control the results.

  7. I know that I’ve achieved so much thus far through visualization. But I’ve been having trouble practicing it lately. I know the key is to align with the feeling of having what I desire, as if it’s already mine. But it’s been hard to envision what the next thing for me is. Even though there really is a world of possibilities.

  8. What camera do u use?? I tried clicking the link but it just takes me to amazon home page???

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