How to Install Material Skin Framework – Modern Google Material Design for VB NET C# Visual Studio

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Hi, welcome back to my Channel, Abdul Aziz Ahwan. This video is about Material Skin UI Framework. Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button guys.

Material Skin UI Framework is framework that Theming .NET WinForms, C# or VB.Net, to Google’s Material Design Principles. MaterialSkin can custom color scheme and theme.
In this section, i’m going to show you how to install on Visual Basic. It also can be install on C#.
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I think enough, how to install Metro UI Framework for Visual Basic C# in Visual Studio 2017. If you have a solution to the problem I am facing please write in the comments field. Thank you and see you again in my next video.


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15 comentários em “How to Install Material Skin Framework – Modern Google Material Design for VB NET C# Visual Studio

  1. hello, After changing the autosize of the flatbutton to false, the size is changed, so it is not applied. And the color of the background doesn't change either. why is that?

    also foreColor of singlelinetextbox doesn't change too. T.T

  2. skinManager.ColorScheme = New ColorScheme(Primary.Blue900, Primary.Blue700, Primary.Blue900, Accent.LightBlue700, TextShade.WHITE)

  3. Ctlr+(dot) on the red underlines will give you the option to add the imports statement

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