How To Install A 50 Amp Generator Power Inlet Box | Connect Generator To House Electrical Panel

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In this video I show you how to install a 50 amp generator power inlet box allowing you to connect a portable generator to your house electrical panel. Installing a generator transfer switch is one great way to power your home but you are limited on how many things can be powered. By installing a generator power inlet box, you can wire your generator to your home’s breaker box and powering any circuits you choose. However, you will be limited as to what circuits and how many circuits can be on at the same time by your generator size. So make sure to plan accordingly. Also, you will need to get a interlock switch for your main panel so that your electrical panel’s main breaker can’t be on at the same time as your generator circuit breaker. All this is explained in the video.

Items Installed:
Reliance PBN50 50 Amp Power Inlet Box:
6/3 Wire
50 Amp Circuit Breaker

Tools for the installation:
Wire Strippers:
Cordless Drill:
Klein Multimeter:

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  1. Subscribed! This was the second video I found of yours tonight talking about generators and both were very helpful.

  2. Is there a benefit of doing this versus having a separate manual transfer switch box with its own circuits

  3. When mounting your outlet box don’t butt it up tight to the lip of the siding ( like at 3:04). Drop it down about 1/2 inch to allow for the cover to go on (like you see at 3:14) . You’d have to be an electrician to spot that he moved it down. :-). Nice video though.

  4. Hello, I purchased a 6 gauge 50amp generator extension cord 30 ft in lenght, can the foot and half of wire going from the 50 amp power inlet box to breaker be 8 gauge, it's about 1 1/2 feet long? The breaker is also 50 amp.

  5. Subscribed. Thanks for sharing. Also, which editing software do you like to use? Thanks, J

  6. IT looks to me that the outlet is just an OUTLET not an inlet for generator use. Do you intend to use a male plug to connect to this OUTLET to get power connected? You would have to have a male to male cord which is crazy dangerous and ILLEGAL. Maybe there is something I can't see about the item that I think is just an ordinary outlet. You can email me if I am wrong. [email protected]

  7. What size wire can I use if outlet is 50 feet away ? Is 6/3 & 1/8, ground sufficient ?

  8. Hey Adam. I'm following your lead and installing the Reliance PBN50. What size conduit did you install between the PBN50 and the Service panel? The PBN50 shows it has knock outs for 1/2 or 3/4. Did you have any trouble running the 6 awg wires through the conduit and last where did you get the the wire? Thanks Adam. Oh, by the way I ended up with the Westinghouse WGEN12000DF. You probably remember I missed out on the Cat RP12000E. Thanks Adam.

  9. this is in lew of the generac manual 30A transfer switch video you did right?. this works if you have a 50 amp out of the generator that you then hook right to the main panel and switch on and off particular circuits. I have a 12KW generator so this method would work well for me.

  10. I just got Westinghouse WGEN9500DF. It has 20A, 30A, 50A. I plan to use only for 120V appliances. Which is best for using for whole house? Thank you!

  11. What size conduit did you use? Looks like 3/4”. If 3/4”, is it big enough to allow 6/3 wires to go through the 90 elbow fitting?

  12. The non-metallic sheathed cable (the romex) is not permitted for use outdoors. Yes, even though it's in the non-metallic flexible conduit its still not permitted. The stranded conductor marked with a 'W' on the insulation is rated for outdoor use, plus it'll hold up longer inside the conduit.

  13. 1.Why don’t electricians tin the tips of their stranded wires?
    2. Why don’t electricians use lock tight on critical set screw threads?
    3. Why didn’t u just mount the box adjacent 2the breaker box instead of using conduit?
    4. Why didn’t u use a 50A RV box?

  14. I did this work as well last week. Thanks for the video. Out of the five or six breakers that were prioritized as needed it turns out that all of them were on Phase A of the panel and only one was on Phase B which was the microwave and coffee maker – things that are not on most of the time. Now I need to figure out how to move some breakers to balance it out. I had like 1500 W running on phase A and zero running on phase B Have you mapped out how your load is balanced or unbalanced? Thanks for posting

  15. My main panel is in one box with the main circuit breaker where can i install my 50amp circuit breaker for my generator

  16. The White Conductor is NOT a Common Wire !!!!! It is the Neutral or Grounded Conductor !!!

  17. Romex wire is not listed for that type install or location. You could use THHN or THWN and be legal.

  18. This was exactly what I was looking for. This coupled with the interlock kit gives way more than enough confidence to get it taken care of. I was looking into transfer switches and this is the most affordable and easiest way to handle this. Thank you!

  19. Can you do this if I have grid-tied solar panel. the solar panel automatic shut off once the grid power is lost. I don’t want to accidentally confuse the solar inverter and make it think the power is back on (generator sending power) and start sending power back into the grid and hurt someone working on the power line.

  20. From a lineman this is a dangerous way of doing things.
    You could cause dangerous back feeding. If you don’t remove the meter from the house. That is why most places require a double throw switch to prevent the back feed onto the main lines.

  21. Excellent video – As much as I love DIY challenges I am not taking any chances and will hire an electrician.

  22. I just bought the Duro Max XP10000EH and would like to install a breaker in the power box for the house. My Power box is on the front side of my home…and i would like to run a power cable all the way to the back of the house, would it be a problem if i run it like 30' then install the box with the connection there?

  23. Doing this to my house and trying to learn as much as possible. Thanks for the vid.

  24. Would have liked a better view of what you did inside the main panel. Otherwise, decent video.

  25. Good job. Odd, you spoke of all the room in the box you chose to accommodate the wires yet you cut them short enough to have to fight it. Might also have wired the receptacle ground, common, red, black.

  26. What’s the pro/cons and difference in this versus installing a transfer switch kit. This seems more simple and cost effective

  27. I have 300 amp service split between 2 breaker panels. I just installed 1 30 amp breaker in each box and y tailed the cable that runs to my generator. I plan on installing a outsde inlet generator hookup and also a non fused quick disconnect on the inside next to my panels.

  28. I have a question on my main panel I have 2 60amp double pole breakers that are both labeled heat unit, why are there 2 separate 60 amp breakers for the heat unit and how would I go about wiring it up to use a portable generator for it I would like to be able to run the heat and a few lights and tv in case of a power outage

  29. It was indeed helpful. However, there may be some new regulations regarding the interlocks. They may not be sufficient.

  30. Great tutorial, so, basically, to power up your whole house at will, with specific appliances, all you need to install is the 50A circuit breaker in the main circuit box, and then wire up the cable to go to the inlet box and then the generator, is that it?. Thanks

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