How To Identify The End Of A Trend? (My Secret Technique)

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Let me ask you…

Do you trade with the trend but somehow, you always buy just before a reversal occurs?

Or how about you buy on a pullback. But turns out, the pullback is the start of a downtrend?

In other words, you’re trading with the trend but still losing money consistently.

Why is that?


You must learn how to identify trend reversal ahead of time so you can avoid getting caught on the wrong side of the move.

And that’s what you’ll learn in today’s video.

So go watch it now…

Learn more about Price Action Trading Secrets:


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38 comentários em “How To Identify The End Of A Trend? (My Secret Technique)

  1. With Indicator I can take Perfect Trade
    But without Indicator I can't even understand the chart
    Trade is a long way off

  2. This is a killer right here. Traders NEED this information to be successful, consistent traders, period. Thank you so much, Rayner. You are the man!!!!!!!!

  3. I read many books on trading and seen many YouTube on trading, non of them are as good as you. Very clear explanation and in detail. Thanks.

  4. What platform do yall use that could work for US? the spreads on everything for forex are killer

  5. Identify end of a trend? I will observe once price goes near my zone. Then i can tell if trend is ending & will reverse.

  6. Just want to say thanks, thank you for the valuable lesson. I've got your book, and it gave me a good starting point into the world of trading. and going through your videos has provided a large amount of value. You're a great teacher. Now the thing i need to learn most is controlling my emotion when trading.

  7. can i apply these concepts for intraday scalping or daytrades? or is it more for higher timeframes?

  8. You explained in a simple way and it is logical. I have only one question that in India our technical analysts give the examples of stocks whereas most of the technical analysts outside India give the example of only Currency charts i.e. USD/JPY, EUR/USD, etc. – Why is it so ?

  9. Do you want all four of the bullet points to be fulfilled, to recognize a trend reversal, or just a few?

  10. How do you know if it is a large candel or a small, is it a comparison with the nearest candels, or is it based on ATR, or …

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