How To Create Tradingview Premium For Free | Get Tradingview Premium Free 2022

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In This video i will be teaching you how to get Tradingview premium account for free. kindly follow everything i have done in the video, incase you do not understand anything i said you can ask me a question via the comment box.
with this account you can be able to use the replay back feature and also be able to use the lower time frame

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13 comentários em “How To Create Tradingview Premium For Free | Get Tradingview Premium Free 2022

  1. Thanks so much , please help me out. I have done but still i can't access my 1 2 5 secons. time frame

  2. Just one clarification-
    If one uses simple debit or credit card, he can't create a new account with same card again after 30 days but if s/he made account with PayPal then he can? Correct?

    Plus all i have to do is to cancel the subscription before the auto- payment happens i.e. before 30 days. Right?

  3. Thanks.

    Do I need to get another card for another account at the end of the month?

  4. Nice content bro. Keep making videos of indicator video for future trading thank you

  5. So this is only good for one or two months based on how many credit cards you have lolll

  6. Question sir.
    After the trial ends,can I start another free trial with same PayPal with different Email.?
    I'm using PayPal

  7. Thanks for d video but i have a question. I've done dis before n after the free month was over and i try to do it again they told me that my card as been used in andoda account even after i have unlink my card from d previous account. please can u make a video on how to create d visual card dat u used in creating the account please