How To Copy The TOP Trading Robots On The KuCoin Exchange ( Easy Guide )

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KuCoin Trading Bot Challenge – How To Copy The Top Trading Robots On Kucoin
How To Copy The TOP Trading Robots On The KuCoin Exchange ( Easy Guide )

How To Buy KuCoin On The KuCoin Exchange – Full Step By Step Guide
how to buy kucoin shares
This is a full step by step guide on how to buy kucoin on the KuCoin Exchange. I will also show you how to buy btc or any other crypto with your credit or debit card.
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33 comentários em “How To Copy The TOP Trading Robots On The KuCoin Exchange ( Easy Guide )

  1. I'm surprised noone has been talking about MTC doc. com .. the supply is gonna make this blow

  2. When I click on the leader board listing, it doesn't lead to a pop-up of their trade like it does for you… any idea what I'm doing wrong?

  3. Finally got on Kucoin after trading on Coinbase and other app based wallets. It's like going from playing in a pee wee league to playing in the NFL. LOL. I haven't a clue what I'm doing with the bots, but I just copied the highest ranking one right now for a small amount just to see what it'll do. YOLO it up!

  4. guy, you need to add funny stuff to your videos. By the way, what do you think of Enecuum ($ENX token)? Is it worth buying?

  5. Glad I found this channel, it’s becoming one of my favorites, the information is priceless if one applies his strategies.

  6. I I’m not here to converse for Lisa but to testify what I’m sure about I I'm my husband earn $13000 this week

  7. I copied one bot with 13k% gain and marketing crashed, now negative n waiting to turn green

  8. Let's say you have kcs/ustd pair with $3-$5 range on the bot running. Then suddenly kcs price shoots to 7usd. Will my kcs be sold out and miss the ride up to the moon??

  9. It would be an interesting challenge: 1000 bucks to ten different bots and then watching the bot's race for a year …

  10. I made a ETH/BTC bot and I’m on day 3. Day 1 I lost 3 bucks, day 2 lost $42 but day3 I am up $72 for a positive green $25.

    Total investment was $3000 and in up $25 but ethereum went from $1509 to $1584 :/

  11. I’ve made 3 bots so far and haven’t had a single bot make a single trade =

  12. Please keep us updated, when or if you decide to copy the top trading bot on kucoin .

  13. I'm digging the videos! I've been looking into taxes though and was wondering if you knew if every trade the bot does is taxable too like any other trade? That could get really complicated…

  14. People will be kicking themselves In few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in Bitcoin

  15. The ranking is by APR, which is calculated by the combined Grid APR + floating PNL (if you're negative, this is not calculated).
    Each trading bot is listed by run time.

  16. So when i go to rankings on the bots
    It only has “leaderboards” and then
    “7 day ranking”
    And It will not let me tap and open any of the peoples bots. Do i need a special account to do this? Im on the iphone app

  17. I remember copying the top performer before the bear market I made something 90 USD in 45 min. I can confirm it works or maybe I was just lucky

  18. Is anyone verification process with Kucoin still pending after 3 days?? On there site they say it usually takes 1 to 3 days to verify. It's been over a week for me so far. I know I can buy coins there but I prefer to be verified first.

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