How to Charge Solar Batteries Using a Generator

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Solar Surge will teach you all about being energy independent and how to set up your home to run off-the-grid during an emergency. We empower families to take control of their energy generation and storage so that they will never be left in the dark without electricity.

In this video, Joe Ordia demonstrates the process of using a portable generator to recharge solar batteries.

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5 comentários em “How to Charge Solar Batteries Using a Generator

  1. Good video been looking for info I'm not running solar panels not all that great in my area but want to run a 12000w generator with a 48v 6kwh battery just dont know what else I need

  2. Do you think the new F-150 Hybrid with a 7200 Watts generator (The Powersource truck) would be able to fullfill this function?

  3. Joe, thanks for the demo. Is this type of setup possible with other battery systems, i.e., Tesla, Enphase, etc or is this only possible with the hybrid inverter/charger you have installed?

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