How to Boost Your Spells & Manifest Anything With Petitions || Witchcraft 101

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33 comentários em “How to Boost Your Spells & Manifest Anything With Petitions || Witchcraft 101

  1. Hey Coven Mates! A lot of you have been asking how to dispose of the petition once finished – and the answer is, it depends on the working. You can bury it, or release the spell verbally "I release all energy and intent attached to this work – thank you. You are released" and simply toss it, or the most common way is to burn the paper and add it to ashes, a potted plant, or into some black salt. Keep in mind, if this is a banishing or a baneful act of magic, you'll want to dispose of it pretty far from you. Burn it, and maybe go on a hike or toss it in the trash can far from your home.
    Hope this helps!

  2. hey guys! if you would like to meet some more spiritual people like yourself, i will be creating a groupchat on snapchat. leave your snapchat below (if you feel comfortable) if you want to join. <3

  3. If you are turning the paper clockwise/counter clockwise because you are following the path of the sun, then in the Southern Hemisphere, we would turn it Left to bring things in and Right to send them away because the sun moves in the opposite direction here.

  4. From the bottom of my heat i can listen to you whole day and night . I have seen lots of videos on YouTube about witch craft but nothing satisfies me like your video does and not to lie i cannot stay a single day without watching your video and literally i watch it over and over again. You are amazing❤️ bless it be ✨

  5. Hello mam, a person has taken my mother's money, it has been a long time, the money is not returned, so can we do this for him..and how do i do this..,I m frm india..,I am not able to understand very much in your language, please help me in this

  6. Hello! This is amazing. Thank you! Just wanna ask, will this work for protection spells i want to cast for someone else?

  7. Can we burn the petition papers inside the candle? Or there is a specific place to burn it.

  8. Can I burn the petition after I'm done? Like if I am wishing for success in a particular thing, is it bad if I burn the petition?

  9. You can stain the paper with coffee, wait for it to dry and bake in the oven then burn the edges if you really wanna go old school!

  10. I Rebuke This Witchcraft In Jesus name.

  11. do i have to do something with it after i folded it or can i just let it be for example on my table

  12. Is it possible to do the "come together" petition if you're missing one or both of their birth dates? And I have read that sometimes placing it under a mattress works in lieu of placing under a burning candle, is this true?

  13. So recently I've been thinking about doing spells ect and I had no idea where to start. Today I decided to try learning about spells and how to get into witchcraft and your video came up. I feel like I'm on the right lines and I can't wait to try some spells, however in my strict household I can only do spells when I'm home alone so looks like I'm going to have to wait. Has anyone got any recommendations of easy spells I can do without candles

  14. Great Video! Do you have a link to your coven anywhere? I'd love to join if that's still an option.

  15. Hi! I have a query please kindly help me..if i want to protect a divine connection againt unknown energies or something like that what should we write in petition paper? Please help @The Witch Of Wonderlust

  16. How can I use it to bring my specific person back…. Can u please tell❤️❤️❤️

  17. When do we remove the paper from under the candle and what do I do with it once i removed it someone HELP I don't know what to do

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