How I Manifested My Ex Back – My Story! 😍

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Do you Have Problems With Manifesting Of Your Ex? Hear My Story!
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  1. Hey. I am in a very very bad situation. It was a relationship of 6.5 yrs some years LDR and some were normal. We had some issues but we were happy also, consistently wanting us to get married. We always use to dream about our wedding. And we both were so sentimental for being with each other but due to some issues he said i wanna break up and guess what
    I pleaded
    I begged
    I cried
    I did everything to stop him
    He couldn’t and i am broke
    I really feel that we can end up being happiest together. He is just considering the negative things i have done but not even looking at positive ones.
    Please guys please help me out.

  2. Thank you for this video, I'm sensitive person as well. I'd like to get my ex girlfriend. I attempt trying to find peace in yourself, accept my mistakes and show my presence and availability for her

  3. My ex girlfriend return on Snapchat at November 2021 she read my text and she haven’t texted back then she unfriend me on Snapchat what should I do

  4. This video shares a simple yet strong message: caring about oneself must come first always. Thanks for sharing your experience!!

  5. Hey!!
    Please make a video or just tell me that is it possible to make him forget his ex girlfriend and love you(Me) ….. Believe me it's really hurting condition when your specific person is still hung up on their ex…. Please reply❣️❣️

  6. It has been 4 years of manifesting and I do not have any relationship with my ex wife anymore
    I am not needy or desperate do not have that kind of energy, but would like to have a her back in my life with our kids and I don’t see how this changes anything after I have healed

  7. See I’m not necessarily desperate to have him, he cheated with three other girls (dated us at once) and it’s like I know I could have him back we have years of history and have been on and off for the past year, and a baby on the way but now I have all this fear that once I have him back he will cheat again and I do think the negative feelings and anger that are still there are occasionally going to disrupt the process of manifesting.

  8. did you still do some manifest methodes even tho u didn’t care that much? Or did you just let go of everything ?

  9. I can relate the feeling of feeling normal, I can live without him, I'm happy without him, I'm not needy nor obsessed over him, not desesperate and I don't care that much, I can live easily and happily without him but that doesn't mean I don't care about him, does that mean I can manifest easily too?

  10. Thank you so much for your testimonial. It is very touching. It comforts me that letting go is the best way to get my ex back. We have been separated for 3 months and she dumped me for a guy we met a few months before the break-up. This person is my opposite in almost every way… Since then I do all my best to become the greatest version of myself. I'm convinced that something good will happen in my life in a near future with or without my ex. From all my heart I wish you all the best.

  11. Dear god my madhuri is calling me now. Dear god my madhuri is reuniting with me now. Dear god my madhuri is showering abundance of love on me. Dear god i have faith only on you. Dear god i m blessed and greatful to you kindly accept my biggest grattitude from my heart. Thank you thank you thank you.

  12. How do you get rid of that desperate undertone thats what im dealing with hes not an ex for me but still a past person person that I have met so Same applies

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