How I manifest things into my life (My three methods of manifesting)

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In this video, I explain my three methods of manifesting things, people, or dreams into your life! I thoroughly run through the methods I use such as Script Manifestation, The 3-6-9 Method, and The 55×5 Method. I use each method depending on which outcome I’m looking for! Like and subscribe. Don’t be afraid to comment questions or send me them on my socials!

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Scripted manifesting- 0:39
3-6-9 Method- 5:12
55×5 Method- 9:40

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34 comentários em “How I manifest things into my life (My three methods of manifesting)

  1. And with the 5×55 method do u only do it for 5 days and then stop or can u keep going with it?

  2. If you remind me I'll give you an update

    I want to loose 20 Kilogramms and friends that are the same as me

  3. So i have question. Can you manifest two or more things at the same time? I’m manifesting by scripting method and i want to manifest two things which are connected, and i dont know if i can put them together in one script or do i have to write another one?

  4. In the dog one u said I want a dog…but is it okie to use word want cause u said we don't have to use it…

  5. Me:thank you for my boyfriend

    Universe: hun you still singl-


  6. for the 3-6-9 method, I thought it was to write what you're manifesting 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon, and 9 times in the evening. Though you have to write them all at the same time every day. If you were to wake up at 9:30 and write it, you have to do it every morning and 9:30 things like that, or can this method be used in different ways?

  7. me: thank you universe for my loona album
    universe: girl wbk ur brok-
    me: i said thank you universe for my loona album

  8. me: thank you universe for this toned flat stomach of mine!!
    universe: fym? your a literal pi-

  9. Me: thank you universe for giving me 9 mcfonalds chicken nuggets and fries.
    Universe: b1tch you ain't even got McDonald's in your cit-

  10. Im trying to manifest new friends into my life so we can cosplay anime groups IDK WHY I HUST NEED FRIENDS OKAY

  11. me : he likes me back
    universe : he friendzoned you 5 months ago…

  12. Me: Hi Universe I just got an iPhone 12 pro max
    Universe: But that's an android-?
    Me: SHUT

  13. Me: thank you, universe. For giving me a boyfriend that looks like kageyama and loves me truly

    Universe: wha-

    Me: did i stutter.

  14. is it okay if i manifest as a beginner to go to my dream school and get an hourglass body

  15. just manifested that the boy i like asks me out and i’m so confident it’s gonna work thanks universe ly xoxo

  16. just manifested that the boy i like likes me back and i’m so confident it’s gonna work thanks universe ly xox

  17. My manifest goals are kinda lame I just want my friends to be in my classes this school year lol

  18. Yeah I'll just leave this here :'>

    Let's end corona virus, people of the world. Grab your pen and just write it down!

    Let's script and save the world with me, hero ^^

    <insert current date>

    Dear <insert what you believe in>, I am happy and grateful now that the world is free from corona virus. I am also grateful of the postive impact of corona virus, the lessons we learned through corona virus.

    Corona virus literally vanished. Lock down and quarantine season have ended. The pandemic has ended. The curve is down to zero. World's economic are back to normal and even better.
    Everything came back to normal but better.

    People around the world are safe from corona virus. Doctors, nurses, medical team, and other medical personnel's were able to do their part in healing people from corona virus effectively with utmost perfection and are protected in the process too.
    Their hardwork pays off and they can get the rest they deserve. Every person who got corona virus are healed and are healthy again. Every person alive is immune to ever getting corona virus. People naturally have higher immune system after it ended. Any and all mental health issues, traumas, or sadness caused by corona virus (or not) are healed + released and replaced with self-love, high self esteem, happiness and gratitude.

    Everyone can hang outside without wearing any masks or face shields. Unnecessary masks and face shields that covers our faces are removed and replaced with genuine smiles. People still wash or clean their hands but in a normal amount. Public places are still hygienic. People can enter public places normally.

    Families, friends and lovers can reunite physically, interact directly and give physical affection. Schools and college are back offline and every student actually enjoys the offline education system. Online jobs that are better and meant to be offline are back offline. Students still have the mental and emotional strength of an online school student. Any and all online workers still have the mental and emotional strength of an online workers. Closed stores, malls, restaurants, cinemas, museums, libraries, spiritual buildings/any religion's worship place, traditional buildings, entertainment places, factories, office, and other public places are open already. Canceled events, projects, concerts, workshops, festivals, parties, weddings, any and all traditional ceremonies and rituals, anime series, drama series, Netflix movies or series + any other series and movies, sports or E-Sport games, anniversary ceremonies, and other canceled wonderful things that should have happened are back/re-helded or replaced with better ones and executed perfectly with ease.

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    I love earth, I love life.
    I am grateful of this beautiful world and I claim this. Thank you, <insert what you believe in>.

    <sign it>

    Aaaand done! Thank you for your participation, hero. Feel free to change it or add more!

    P.s. English is not my native language, srry if anything sounds weird :')

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