HOW I Manifest ANYTHING Using Scripting | Manifestation Journal | Law Of Attraction Success! ✨

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Want to know how I personally use scripting to manifest ALL of my dreams into reality? 🔮✨
This is the juicy video for you my friend! 😉💕

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20 Comentários

  1. Currently there’s really only one thing I wanna manifest so is it ok to write about that one thing day & night everyday or is that too much & being desperate?

  2. i’m just curious because i want to manifest but do i write it once and let it go or do i write the same manifestation over every single night and morning ?

  3. hi i just started manifesting and i was wondering how many times do you have to manifest something and how many times per day. do we have to manifest it every single day or just once? and can you give me any extra tips?thank you so much!

  4. can you manifest awareness? bc i’m a lil lost on what i’m supposed to be doing next in life.

  5. Hi everyone! I manifested for a brand new iPhone 11 Pro and I works. Let me tell you that my parents were absolutely stubborn on the fact that they didn’t want me to have an iPhone. It seemed impossible for me to convince them. I manifested like she explains in her video, everyday for 2-3 weeks. I had doubts and it’s normal but you just have to pretend like you already have it. For exemple, when I used my iPad, I pretended to use it only when my “iPhone’s” battery was dead or when I wanted to watch a tv show on a bigger screen.

    When I felt like it was time and I felt like I was ready, I came up to my parents and I talked to them about it, i was already prepared so I had arguments. What really helped me, it’s that I was certain to have it and I was patient when my parents asked to have time to think about it. Believe in the power of manifestation guys and I swear it will work.
    I’m so glad I founded this video, I have the iPhone of my dreams. And I will for sure manifest for some others things 🙂

  6. How do I manifest financial freedom like not living check to check…. being able to wake up one morning and say hey imma go on a trip this weekend have fun and still have money be able to take care of my child w/o limits giving her what she wants and being able to let her have and do anything she wants… just being able to always have money on hand!

  7. 12:20 I felt that! I am starting this today thank you so much for helping me understand how to get started on this new journey. I AM SO READY <3

  8. If I want to manifest a particular thing for example take a car as you mentioned, how many times do I need to script about manifesting car? Any particular number of time or just once or what's the way you do it?

  9. Do you have to script with a pen.. because my hand hurt when I wright a lot and then I can’t be detailed anymore. So can I type it out and then print it out? And do the scripting need to be like a long story or just sentences of the things you want.. and do I have to wright it out every day or I just reading it enough?

  10. all this universe vibration stuff is starting to sound weird the more i listen to it but im willing to try it

  11. Do we have to do scripting for one thing until u get it or do scripting of different things daily ?

  12. This is a great video. Thanks for sharing. I would like to ask this… if you have scripted for something, can it only be done that 1 time? Or should it be done only the one time per thing or should it be done more than one time?

  13. What would happen if you accidentally lost your journal or someone had found it or you threw it away?

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