How I CHARGE BATTERIES when wild camping | Solar power, usb charger, camera batteries, drone, laptop

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I am on my way to the meadow to spend the morning with some wildlife photography. On my way I am making a short stop to share how I charge my camera batteries, powerbanks, laptop, phone etc using my foldable solar panel when I am out there on longer trips.

Usually the biggest challenge is to charge the camera batteries without the wall charger, but fortunately it is possible to buy usb chargers for most camera batteries.
This is just the way I do it 🙂
The video from this day will come up one of the following days.

See you out there..

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3D camouflage suit:
3D camouflage gloves:
Lowepro camera bag:
My favorite power bank – XT Power 20000 :
Anker powercore+ 20100 power bank:
Baxxtar 1852 Usb batteri chargers:
Foldable solar panel – RawPower 24W:
Very durable long usb-c to usb cables:
Converter for charging drone batteries on the XT Power:
The one I once bought is no longer available but I am quite sure this will work with one of the fittings that comes with the power bank.

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Morten Hilmer

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19 comentários em “How I CHARGE BATTERIES when wild camping | Solar power, usb charger, camera batteries, drone, laptop

  1. what is the name of "Converter for charging drone batteries on the XT Power:"? do you have any link?

  2. wtf is un poco de todo? I'm just looking for off the grid charging equipment

  3. Hi Morten, love your channel I recently discovered. I'm sure you are aware of its existence but if not, check the power banks using graphene. They charge about 3.5 times faster and are not that expensive anymore. Graphene is very strong and very conductive and this rather new product (10 years old) enhances power banks very very much. Maybe something to try out?

  4. Good day brother.. is it advisable to buy this same solar panel in 2021.. thanks in advance

  5. Hi Morten, you said you could charge the power bank via Input DC Jack. How did you do that? Did you use a connector for 3 USB outputs from the solar panel to one DC jack of the power bank?

  6. Hi, i simple dont understand how you connect the battery bank to the dji battery?? Can you supply a picture?

  7. Great videos! I see a lot o video on the field and about gear, always interesting to listen. I 'm trying to do some wildlife photo aswell, but when looking your video and others i see your expert in animals, recognise the track of different animals and their habits. I found its hard to get this knowledge, information about animals and where to found them, the risk… especially if you are not from the country and dont speak the language. How do you prepare your travel, do you use local guide? Books? Do you have wildlife photographer network? I'm french living in vietnam, and i found little unsafe to camp few days in rainforest alone like you do without this basic survival and nature knowledge. Thanks for your recommandation of how you will prepare your in such area.

  8. Thank you so much for this video Morten, so useful! I will try some of that gear for my next trip in the mountains 🙂

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