How Far is Too Far? | The Age of A.I.

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Can A.I. make music? Can it feel excitement and fear? Is it alive? and Mark Sagar push the limits of what a machine can do. How far is too far, and how much further can we go?

The Age of A.I. is a 8 part documentary series hosted by Robert Downey Jr. covering the ways Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Neural Networks will change the world.

0:00 What Is AI?
3:03 Baby X
7:24 Object Recognition
9:41 The Future Studios
14:26 Human Collaboration
21:45 A New Hand
27:20 Digital Will Meets Real Will
31:40 Free Will


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  1. You spoke and we listened! Subtitles are now available in French, German, Hindi, Korean, Portuguese (BR) and Spanish for the first four episodes. Get ready for the final four episodes of Age of AI launching on January 15th!

  2. Классно, Youtube Premium подписку продают в большинстве стран но видимо не подозревают про наличие других языков
    В общем бабки берём а локализовать контент… зачем?!
    И таак сойдёт

  3. Currently the internet has 1 million exabytes of information on it 10^24 bytes , the human brain is said to have 2.5 petabytes of possible memory storage ….. the thing that scares me is just like programs that use less storage to give the same “gameplay/reality” I feel we are on the brink of creating true sentient AI , what I fear is the lack of additional storage “reasoning” that said AI will have as it’s known we as humans only use 16% of our brain at any time. The lack of that additional 84% of the bio chemical mesh we have going on in the background constantly I feel will leave the AI devoid of human emotions like empathy mainly. What I’m trying to say is if you try to calculate all possible outcomes of a set of individual rules that a brain can compute as compared to a supercomputer, we are dangerously close to creating AI , the only thing holding it back at this point is connecting to that data fast enough for computers to become sentient but at the same time they will not be swayed by their environment like humans are…. A smell that sparks a memory, a sound that soothes one , a face that sparks irrational thoughts of LOVE . AI will never be these things and so it will eliminate by design any possible threats to its existence. You want to know how to create true Intelligence in the true likeness of mankind? Have children or guide children…. We are our own greatest resource for bettering humanity, not an computer

  4. AI is not just developing programs that can cause inanimate matter to become intelligent, independent automobiles. Instead, it is humanity extending the range of it's own artificially evolved conscience as a more refined tool.

  5. Hi, what is Intelligence anyways?
    A.I. is only but a construct carefully planned out to mimic the functions of an animal organism?
    But what is the intelligence of an animal? Is it not more or less the exact same thing as A.I.?
    We teach the A.I. to understand and to work with the information it receives from all around. We have built the system of the A.I. with functions and stuff so that it can process and give it senses such as sound and sight.
    Just as we animals have our own functions and ability to process what is going on around us. Humans is teached, just like the A.I. is teached. What would be the difference?
    We use building material, nutrition, to create ourselves from the ground up, with the information about how from the information given to us, which is planted like a seed to grow before we are capable enough to set out into the world.
    The A.I. however is manually built I would assume? Told how it ought to work, by us humans.

    The complexity of us with our feelings and emotions are mere logic of reason cluded by our own awareness, but lingers in our subconsciousness. Reason. Reasons for ourselves, but what is the underlying reason for our existance? What is behind it all? Oughtn't we to find out?
    How could we anyways? It is outside of our spectrum, non comprehensible. Like how it is to imagine another universe, it would be impossible as it would/could be completely different from what we know. And how could our imagination be creative enough to paint a picture of something utterly overwordly different when our creativity only comes from our knowledge we have been teaching ourselves from what we have observed.
    A blue giraffe but with two legs which is robotic with claws? Now, it is all stuff taken from what we already know from our universe. Our imagination can be vast, but limited to what we have observed and processed from our surroundings.
    Free will? Breh.. Stuff all processes, but the more advanced you make it, it will finally be that advanced that you wont even generally see or notice what is going on underneath the hood, on the fine level, just like the human mind, but it will never be the 'magic' as we view free will. But then again, how could a consciousness possibly work differently?

    A.I. is cool I suppose, humans as well, but yeah.

  6. This toddler can lead to huge advancements in brain studies and brain surgery and even investigation work

  7. Humans and AI should work together but we can work together unless we adapt AI within ourselves to advance our own intelligence to be able to work fast enough at their side instead of them one day operating faster than we can comprehend

  8. The AI is so Advanced Now.. All you have to do is.. Think about something And it will Appear in Your Recommended For You Videos.

    To think.. they Mastered How to Hear Your Thoughts.. Just by You Holding Your Phone.. and Looking at the Screen so the Unnecessary Camera Watching Our Every move.. Can Work with its "Censors" to get your… data.


  9. 6:05 youre a complete tool, swarm intelligence leads to the singularity musk is talking about. just because its built on an ant, does not mean it cannot be smart. insects can create temples, due to swarm intelligence. the ability of one is not the same as the ability of ten million. She is simply wrong, and thats the danger musk is talking about, because she hasnt read emergent science, which explains how one unintelligent being, is not the same as the intelligence of a group (a swarm) where it becomes smarter than any human thats ever existed.

  10. it gnna make human – AI relationship stronger but a weaker human to human relation, even if policies are set up

  11. This is the way how A.I. can help humans,to get access and more interaction with our visionary future,not to control identities!..

  12. now show the baby a real duck. It won't say duck. How about a mallard duck next. All A.I. does is give you back the answer you have already given it.

  13. Duh ai "learns" by mimicing and emulating us…however ….they store our "data" from pictures to everyday conversations in "clouds" same as they do with ai….who's to say it's not being sent to ai's cloud….

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