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How does Bitsgap crypto trading bot work?

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Monitoring the cryptocurrency market and waiting for the best opportunities to execute trades can be hard. Bitsgap’s Automated Trading Bots powered by a high-frequency trading algorithm allow you to maximize the return 24/7 regardless of the market trend. Start your free 14-day trial today and launch your first bot on Bitsgap.com


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  1. This is an excellent video and excellent product……… First of all who ever thought of this platform was a genius. I have been grid trading forex for years now with amazing success and need this bot for crypto trading binance and hitbtc ….. do you guys have a phone number or email address? I have a couple of questions like can i remove the sell positions? because i only need the buy grid levels .

  2. I am making a lot of money from bitcoins. I currently hold about 4.182 BTC which I keep in my wallet with ITbitcoinspecialist. I also get to earn interests for my bitcoins cause I am holding them on the Bitcoinitspecialist At g-m-c

  3. Minor error on the 4-slice examples screen, the fourth must be BNB (instead of BTC). :o)

  4. У меня вопрос- сейчас я использую кастомного бота. В вашем случае – какую максимальную устойчивую доходность может показывать бот и что мне для этого нужно со своей стороны?

  5. So it's basically a Grid Trading Bot. You only talk about profits but what about drawdown? What happened to the sell orders when the BTC went from 30k to 45k as an example? Does it close the whole sell trades sequence when the market goes in your favor?

  6. Have been testing out the bot on a trial account with $1000 USD (0.02 BTC using SBot) (Are more bots available on the full version?).
    The bot is also claiming to be +40% (400$ / 0.08 BTC), however the "value column" still says 0.02 BTC (Yet it indicates this should include profit?), and the value given on the right still says "~$1000 USD".
    The pair was rising so I don't think this is a case of the bot profits mitigating the downwards trend. I can also see that the average trade profit outstrips the fee.
    At first I thought this is this because the bot was not including the value of open trades in it's valuation, however when I try to close the trade the open orders reads a total of the 0.02 BTC I put in?
    Perhaps this is a stupid question, having never used this site before, but where is the 40% profit? Does the profit get automatically extracted to the wallet rather than recycled into the trade?

  7. To be able to use this do we need to know all about technical analysis, candle stick pattern etc etc ?

  8. Hello, i have a doubt.

    On the minute 4:32 you show that the current price went down -6,88%.

    Your investment change shows -3,18% and bot profit +2,33%.

    What is the amount that goes to your wallet at the end of the day?
    2,33% of the first investment?
    or -3,88% of your fist investment?

  9. Its a scam project, and don't listen to this shit! Beware, mark my words, buy all bitcoin with all shitcoin, as many as you can! But not invest in this kind of pages

  10. Когда будет вебинар на русском языке?

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