HOME STANDBY GENERATORS: How They Work & How to Choose One

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Watch this five minute explanation of how home standby generators work, how they’re different from portable generators, and how to choose a standby model properly.

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10 comentários em “HOME STANDBY GENERATORS: How They Work & How to Choose One

  1. The inside walls of the enclosure have reflective layers that reflect the thermal radiation that's emitted by the generator… back on it. I suppose it is there to keep the generator warm in Antarctica-like weather. Otherwise, don't use it on hot days.

  2. Steve without being biased which standby home generator is the best one out there today?….which brand is the most reliable and dependable..I am thinking about getting one

  3. Installed a whole house, natural gas fueled, 20kw, Briggs & Stratton. Have needed it twice in the past 4 months!! Worked perfectly!! Self tests itself every Tuesday….

  4. Excellent video i am very please with my Champion standby gas generator and if you have a low power demand house, with a relative small 8.5kw unit like mine you can power the complete house. Also the professional electrician who install mine that has installed over 300 units of different brands recommended the Champion generators over any other brand. According to him this units are way more reliable than all the others brands like the Generac, Honeywell (both are made by the same company) and Kohler.

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