Home Standby Generator Questions Answered (FAQs)

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Briggs & Stratton expert answers the most common questions we get about home standby generators of all types and sizes.

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Questions in the Video:
0:23 How Does a Standby Generator Connect to the House?
3:14 Does Standby Power Turn on Automatically?
3:46 Does Main Power Turn Back on By Itself Too?
3:59 Is a Standby Safe For Sensitive Electronics?
5:07 Can I Use a Portable Generator to Power a Central Air Conditioner?
5:47 Why is Backfeeding a Portable Generator Dangerous?
7:02 Is Installing a Standby More Expensive Than a Portable with a Manual Transfer Switch?
8:02 What Engine Options Are Available?

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  1. Very long delivery on Symphony II equipment now. I understand that was true before the last round of storms and has something to do with parts availability, possibly out of China. This causes me concern if I did wait to get a system, and then needed parts for it, I would have a hard time getting them. Does B and S maintain a reliable supply of parts for the transfer switches and generators?

  2. Hi, Question: on the new A-ipower 8000/7000 watt inverter generator. Is the generator a bonded or floating neutral? If bonded is the entire panel bonded? Or are the L-5 & L-14 30 excluded from the bond? Thank you.

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