HFT arbitrage EA

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Market arbitration is a risk-free trading technique that helps retail forex investors to make profit without open currency exposure.

Arbiter Forex Arbitrage EA is heavily-optimized for speed expert advisor for taking advantage of discrepancies in pricing quotes between slow and fast brokers.
The algo robot is suitable for indices, gold, silver, US oil and cryptocurrency arbitrage, if given brokers offer CFD on these instruments.
Different exchanges, which forex brokers use as liquidity providers, almost unquestionably have different prices for tradable assets and this fact is what traders can utilize to make money on the market.

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  1. hi, i tried contacting you via your site, but your site did not accept my message, where can i contact you?

  2. Which broker to use for arbitration? Please, be direct and specific. Help your customers regarding speed and slippage. You know very well that a demo account is different from the real one.

  3. Sorry for noob question here, we will trade with fast and slow broker? What the point, i get only just exchange the currencies and get the projit for arbitrage..

  4. Hello my friend, I downloaded the demo account version and installed it according to the video, but you did not open any deal

  5. Arbitrage can work on real account perfectly if you choose forex broker wisely, there are several types of brokers – A-book brokers, B-book brokers, mixed brokers, the essence of the latency arbitrage is exactly that

  6. Hello… You see video…. Arbitrage works perfectly on demo Account. But think about exactly in real account is much different… Because speed and slippage is much more this why Arbitrage don't work.

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