Generac Guardian Series 20kW Home Standby Generator | The Home Depot

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Powerful enough to back up your entire house, the Generac Guardian Series 20kW Generator automatically kicks-in just 10 seconds after determining power failure.

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Generac Guardian Series 20kW Home Standby Generator | The Home Depot

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  2. I wish Generac would come out with a home WiFi interface so you could monitor your generator VIA the Computer or your smart phone.
    They do have a system which connects to cellular service. That may be good in a remote service area, but face it, that's just another expenditure we can live without.
    We all have wireless routers and WiFi that would extend to our back yards.
    I have e-mailed Generac and told their customer service about that but all they tell me is their "Mobile Link".
    I wish everyone would get in touch with Generac and push this feature and tell them to develop a WiFi connected system.

  3. I have a brand new generac 20K guardian Evolution from home depot and the first time my power went out my generac did not come on – showed a code 1100 overcrank so the installer (recommended from home depot) came out and reset it.  Now on the weekly check it was not coming on once again code 1100 overcrank.  My installer tells me its water in the gas line….I told him bull shit.  Anyone else having this issue?  Very unhappy especially for the cost

  4. @Kevin the GENERAC 20kW unit can supply a load of 75A on Natural Gas but can support peaks above 100A. It's considered a whole-house generator because your house doesn't usually consume 200A. Most of the time it consumes < 75A and that's what this generator provides. If you truly consume 200A all the time you'll need a much larger generator…

  5. I Bought this 20k generator, which says can carry a 180 AMP Load, it came with a 200AMP Auto Trans Switcher, the 2 breakers on the side the Generator Box have #8 wire coming from the Gen. itself, but the the Chart on the door says #8 wire can only carry 40Amps, a total of 80Amps… how can this sys support a 200Amp Utility Service from my Home ???? My certified electrician says he will call Generac and ask questions on this before he installs, if he is right, my 20Kw system is not a 20K sys.

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