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GEICO Insurance After 1 YEAR – Worth Keeping?

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I have been making videos on my insurance rate sense StateFarm jacked my rate through the roof. About 1 year ago I switch over to Geico and saved a ton of money on a better policy. So how has my experience been since then? Watch to find out!

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  1. You should use this video and get a lawyer and sue the hell out of them for millions of dollars…
    I think they make so much money they may just give you a million or two — hmmmm….

  2. I am paying 250K per person and 500K per incident. Is it necessary? I also have umbrella insurance for 1 million.

  3. I sold my car, so Geico conveniently didn’t refund me $240, they just made my renewal look smaller. I didn’t find this out till MetLife quoted me $204 less to switch and I cancelled my Geico. Yes my Geico when up also! I’m in Massachusetts. Geico is a Birkshire Hathaway company. I got a metlife policy through my employer so I get a auto payroll deduction discount.

  4. Geico is the biggest fraud company in the world. Someone hit and ran on my car and it needed body work. Short story, the body shop i took it to said the geico check they sent bounced and they tried to act like the payment went through, The manager of the body shop said hed never seen a company do that in 15 years, they are super super shady even for an insurance company.

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  6. I love geico been with them for years here in Florida. I’ve had 3 claims and my rates have hardly increased.

  7. I'm in the process of buying a new car. Was with progressive and they were charging me $720/6months. Pandemic hit. Stuck with the car and them due to not giving a damn. Time to renew at $790/6months liability insurance only. It's New York so I'm expecting that. Just got a quote from Geico. My new insurance for liability is $290/6months! Same everything! Its insane the discrepancy.
    PS, extended warranties are "claims" under insurance policies. Once you claim something, they will see it as an "insurance claim". They can kick you out if you claim for a lot of money. That will raise your premiums. Better to buy the extended warranty directly from the automaker(not the dealer). Pay upfront and forget about everything else.

  8. Jus got Geico today.. 23 Y/O, Oklahoma, $85/Mo liability. Witch isn’t that bad considering i couldn’t find a policy under $150 other than State Farm.
    Lmao, Optimistic but was already anticipating future Renewal price raise☠️☠️

  9. Geico is NOT the best! I have AAA ….Geico wanted $780 from me for 6 months and AAA that I have only charges me $1187 per year….
    Geico is waaaay to expensive for me. I have a clean record and I am a commercial driver so I dont even drive my 3 personal vehicle less than a 1000 miles per month

  10. I had state farm for a long time it was a couple of years ago I switched to Geico and came out cheaper. At the time state farm wanted me to pay like 300 or so a month for just-auto I switched over to Geico was like 100 something a month.

  11. Awesome video . I'm thinking of getting Geico but sure something to think about the price increases !

  12. Progressive quoted me $1016 for 3 cars and 3 drivers after 6 years and being an Emerald Level lol, Geico $325 for 6 months lol .. ya just move to a different company use the promo discounts and move on after 6 months, work the system or they will work you.

  13. I am almost 40 and I bought my first car (Lexus Es 350) so I am a new driver and first time buyer without any Insurance history. I called few Insurance companies before I buy a car, they all told me my monthly Ins. cost will be around $250.00 i was kinda surprised but I have been told this would happen. And then my car sales person suggest me to call Geico, and they gave me offer $126.00 a month. Which I couldn't resist and I paid premium.

  14. Just wait till your in a accident and they use parts from your local junk yard to put it back together

  15. I get in a car accident. 5 years ago with one of Geico insurance. Client I hate them with all my hear and I will never forgive them of what they do with me and my wife they see people life is so cheap. I swear to my life I never hat someone in my life I have very good heart. But this insurance. They see me and my wife hurt a lot and since the day of the accident our life is change is turn to a hell. and this insurance they hair like 7 or 8 lawyer so they don’t pay us even for our hospital bill ! I Find out my attorney. Working for them. How I find out. My lawyer know that i don’t speak English I communicate with him through Google translate. I went to his office one day to ask him why he never answer to my phone. and is about to pass 5 years. and you still don’t fill court and they never pay our hospital bill. And all my and my wife bill goes to colocation agent. my credit & my wife credit score get very low. However I went there to him I site in his office I tell him everything after I told him he was like just give me 5 minutes to call one of my client I answer to him it’s okay take your time. When’s he call the lady from Geico insurance the same one work in my case. She answer. Telling him how is everything. Is he still calling you. He was like his here in my office now she was like really what did you tell him he was like that why I call you what you think she was like just tell him Geico insurance company having problems finding Employer to work and all cases no one working on them for now. We have to wait.
    I hurt a lot they really kill me that day. I have hurt in my Nick arm hand. my rest my wife her back Nick and shoulder. the insurance and the lawyer damage our heart. The insurance pay the lawyer that his not even license or train to be cars accdant injury lawyer really sure they pay him so he can let the time pass an they close the case. So please people look how they pay for how many lawyer how much they spend. But just so they don’t pay me or pay other people that they get hurt. Is that why they charge people $300. A month so when’s the accident happen they can fight the people but never pay them. But I change my attorney on time at the end they pay me only $1000. I count on god then on people. That they never have to do insurance with Geico insurance. Because people they don’t deserve to be treated like that. When’s they don’t do anything other then they just get money. What they do with the money that the question. If they never need to pay for people Claim

  16. If ur watching this at 1.5x, u need to go back to normal speed once he gets off the phone with Geico at 5:09 Lol

  17. I had gieco for over 10 years then they jacked my rate for no reason . I found progressive much cheaper .
    Adios gieco .

  18. You should see if you qualify for a 3 year accident free afd discount with State Farm! State Farm has actually been extremely competitive with geico lately.

  19. The way you choke is totally sexy lol that was the funniest part of the video when you called travelers… Quite memorable reaction. Worth watching the video for that one part alone….. You should see us old farts we choke even more….I am shopping around 2 I barely drive my car and they want a million jillion dollars for insurance and shopping around can take all day… 15 minutes that's really good…. In Florida and lo and behold, the same reason for increased rates is because the area has had a lot of accidents. Choke choke again… No I didn't have any accidents the area had them….I told them it was like a bad marriage the longer you are in it the worse the price gets and the worst of relationship… And I also reminded them that familiarity breeds contempt. I might check a broker and see what I can find out….

  20. 3:00 you have no idea how the insurance industry works if you’re comparing insurance companies to a cable company. LOL then you tried to see if geico would lower your rate…that is not how insurance works. Thanks for a good laugh!

  21. Geico insurance is the worst…don’t get a flat they will say you were in a wreck. Brokers are Crooks

  22. DISCLAIMER: I am an insurance employee but this my own opinion. GEICO is affordable but as someone who works in the industry: you get what pay for. I handle claims for a different company and the GEICO employees are always pleasant and polite but they are so overwhelmed with their claims that they don't take the time to investigate an accident as well as some other snor do they always explain options for filing. I have had it several times where someone insured with GEICO files through my policy holder's policy because "GEICO told me I could." then after my investigation I learn that the GEICO driver was 100% liable and GEICO is like, "Oh well we didn't bother to investigate because our driver said they wanted to file through you so we just set a claim with your company and gave them the information." On the upside I have had many people drop to GEICO after I handled a claim for them because they said I actually took the time to explain to them how the process works and what their options were and GEICO didn't bother so a less than 15 minute phone call meant that GEICO lost a customer for life and I gained one.

  23. The cheapest in my state and any state I’ve seen is Geico idk about the off brand companies but geico is number one here in New Jersey , even this my 6 month rate is $1276.20 with gieco , progressive wanted me to spend $650 a month lmao I’ll take the lizard

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