First Thoughts | SoRare Limited Cards

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Ther’s been alot of debate and discussion around all facets poof the new scarcity this video is my first thoughts and opinion. more strategy laden video’s will follow ofcourse! I hope you enjoy this, let me know what you think!

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00:00 – Intro
01:00 – Prices
03:30 – Rewards (?)
09:45 – Collecting
12:21 – Supply
13:40 – Growth Enabler
17:36 – Appeal
18:15 – FUT ish
20:40 – the Limited Footprint

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5 comentários em “First Thoughts | SoRare Limited Cards

  1. The cards look great, I’m more interested to see how impactful XP is will the early 1-10/1000 cards, will they have a significant dominance over the leagues because teams will be a lot less diverse. I think collectability moves more towards limited cards especially for ones with little utility like collecting ex Celtic cards etc

  2. I think the Limited prices will come down a lot. Personally, I'm happy to pay a premium for a 1 – 10 issue of 2022 Limited cards. Early issues tend to be more valuable from a collectability standpoint. Also, from a SO5 perspective, the additional XP early issues accumulate could be the differentiator (provided I keep training them!). However I'm waiting for a lull in the prices before encouraging friends to take a dabble.

  3. Brilliant video mate, it’s made me think now like you said you could buy the players I’ll never be able to afford as a Rare/SR and get them as Limited

  4. My account is based on Challenger Europe teams, but as I watch the MLS a lot, this gives me the opportunity to get guys like Gil and Pozuelo without breaking the bank.

    In the end, we all love football and owning a card of a guy we really like is important to a lot of people. Getting an Mbappe or Ronaldo or Gil is not doable for most. If Limited makes that possible, then you will have people get in more.

  5. Limited has given me a very good opportunity to build a European team for the Asian off-season, that's most likely where I'm going to dip in when we've had all the 2022/22 cards for the European leagues. Apart from that, I've been picking up some shirt number limited's for a little collection!