Firewalls and Network Security – Information Security Lesson #7 of 12

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Dr. Soper discusses firewalls and network security. Topics covered include network vulnerabilities, port scanning, network segmentation, firewall security policies, the OSI reference model, packet filtering gateways, stateful inspection firewalls, application proxy gateways, circuit-level gateways, guards, personal firewalls, encryption in the context of network security, network address translation (NAT), and establishing a network security perimeter.

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  1. Very bless by this particular lecture for this powerful presentation. I just ventured a network engineering course with no IT background but find things pretty complex. Dr. Please I want you to recommend a book for me about networking and stuffs because I perceive this networking journey could be a tough one as technology revolves.
    Besides how I wish my couse instructor could make things easy and well understood like your teachings.
    Dr. Please I want to talk to you via email.

  2. Hello , Im a new student In the IT world . could you please make a video or pdf and actually point out on a business network where their weakness are

  3. if you don't mind, could tell us the six advance network solutions in network security.

  4. I loved this video. He made it so easy and interesting to learn about Firewalls.

  5. More than amazing lecture, thank you I had such good time learning it was easy to follow and clear voice thank u

  6. I appreciate the analogy of the castle with the extra wall layer for security architecture. Presents an easier picture to understand the multiple layer of security.

  7. Your teaching skills is wonderful . I am easy to understand the basic concept of network security

  8. can u provide us that ppt ??? btw super video… i clearly understand each and every topic… thank you sir

  9. I believe HP is responsible for some of these issues because they got remote acess to help me with a problem stole 2 of my email addresses and would not remove them selves from my laptop

  10. Thank you very much, very educational. Will help my a lot for my IT Security assignement!

  11. Why do I feel like I am losing 0.1 second of my life waiting for each word you speak…
    informative though.

  12. So, I'm watching this and around 5:32 he gives a broad definition of a port scanner. He states that it will show you open ports AND what known vulnerabilities are for that port…..a port scanner (nmap for example) only tells you the state of the ports that you are scanning, if you want to see vulnerabilities, you have to use a vulnerability scanner (nessus, retina…etc).

  13. Dr. Daniel Soper, you are so good at explaining the knowledge. I definitely learnt a lot from your video. Thank you very much!

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