Ethereum is the NEXT Bitcoin | Is ETH Getting Ready to Explode after BTC?

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Is the Bitcoin correction over or is it just starting? We will likely see higher highs very soon but we need a correction for a healthy move to the upside. Ethereum could be the next Bitcoin, the true silver to Bitcoin’s gold.

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42 comentários em “Ethereum is the NEXT Bitcoin | Is ETH Getting Ready to Explode after BTC?

  1. Success is about focusing Your energy on what creates results and using what you already know

  2. ya made my day with this vid! Can you also share yar point of view about Continuum World? This platform looks to be a real treasure!

  3. Oh, that video is worth sharing. But could you say something about DOGE DNA next time? It Will be going through Auto burning of tokens to reduce supply.

  4. I don’t think there’s any better or greater platform In The United Kingdom Like *COINSPOTCRYPTO⚫️UK *

  5. I don’t think there’s any better or greater platform In The United Kingdom Like *COINSPOTCRYPTO⚫️UK *


  7. Hi guys, The next bitcoin would be OG,WNXM and TELLOR don't miss it, which is very low volume crypto

  8. Your maths is terrible. ETH and BTC have different circulating supplies so you cannot interchange market cap and token price as you do in this video.

  9. I was good not to believe ethereum would do the same as btc. i just trade a 20% breakout ath. Binance juste 5x its ath in 2 weeks. it was my biggest holding with cardano. eth is finished

  10. This is really good to be true I never expected my Ethereum withdrawal from luiz today.

  11. My guess is when Bitcoin finally bursts its bubble, people will be going to ETH.

    Also, when referring to the media. Always remember, the media is not your friend. There’s a reason they’re pushing it on the news, & it’s because they’re trying to get the FED to crack down, regulate, or possibly get rid of Bitcoin entirely. What’s their excuse? Because criminal activity is being used with Bitcoin. I’m like, sure is, so does the USD.

    They will use any excuse.

  12. Bitcoin is a store of value partly because of its scarcity of 21 million coins. Unlike Bitcoin, Ether does not have a hard-cap for minting new coins, which means that dilution of value could happen. It's like comparing gold to internet or water utility.


  14. Should I exchange my BTC to ETH right now? What do you guys think? We're not talking huge amounts (0.13 btc, and I already have 1 ETH).

  15. don't you guys see the problem of ethereum being the next bitcoin? i mean, what's the point of using ethereum if sending a single ERC20 token costs $60 ? lol.
    I think cardano can be taken more seriously by developers eventually. Ethereum is going to be mainly attractive for speculators

  16. Hi All, today is 2nd February, would you recommend to get 250 dollars of Ethereum or are we expecting a drop in the next days and is gonna make a better investment? Sorry about the silly question, I'm very new to crypto.

  17. I don’t think Bitcoin will get to $500k this bullrun. Even the stock to flow target of $288k might be a little optimistic.

  18. bitcoin is the future investing in it now will be the wisest thing to do especially with the current rise

  19. Sou brasileiro, entendo ingles somente 70%, mas consigo entender suas palavras e seus videos, seria bom se fizesse histories no Instagram falando e dando dicas sobre crypto, e isso iria te dar mais engajamento tambem, seu videos sao otimos, parabens!

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  21. you will need Ethereum to get 5,4 the market cap of Bitcoin had in 2017 to have ETH at 19k. Great video !

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  23. What do You think about cardano and coti coin? Has coti coin potential? Those 2 are my favorites now. I hope You Can look in to coti

  24. Crypto currency is the future, investing in it will be the wisest thing to do especially with the current rise.

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