Encrypted USB SSD & HDD Review – iStorage DiskAshur2

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Military grade encryption on a portable SSD/HDD available for anyone to buy? Well, that sounds like it’s worth a look at! Products shown provided by: iStorage …

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6 comentários em “Encrypted USB SSD & HDD Review – iStorage DiskAshur2

  1. Is the cable removable or hardwired into the device. It would be a shame for that flimsy cable attached to such an expensive device to be damaged. Rendering the entire thing useless.

  2. Since it's fingerprint using forensic techniques using heat will reveal buttons that was pressed

  3. Is there a way to physically get into the drives (specifically with being able to get to the platters on the hard drives)?

  4. The cost is an issue.
    I would have no problem if they cost 100 pounds/euros more than a non secure drive.
    BUT, at least the SSDs I checked, the price increase is crazy per capacity level. I am guessing the encryption hardware/software used doesn't physically change as you upgrade size, yet the price of the encrypted drives is far more than what you would pay for any other drive + the cost for the specialized hardware.

  5. Suggestion just buy a external hdd/ssd, and then just encrypt it using software like disk utility on os x or cryptsetup on linux

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