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  2. Iran Cracks Down on Crypto Miners. Crypto is UNREGULATED> anyone can say anything! NO crime!!! CHAOS!! Therefore, crypto is NOT a currency. It is a fraudulent scheme. My dollar bill in my wallet is NOT being tracked. Your BTC is being tracked by the world. We are NOT all George!!!

  3. Have you heard of CarbonTaxToken?

    Oh man they are going wild….

    This is an awesome community with a great team…

    Keep up the good work, thanks guys.

  4. I bought bitcoin at 45000 dollars by seeing this video but it further moved down to 43000. So your estimate is wrong . I am very upset and it is my mistake watching your video not your. Now I am in loss

  5. Look all this smart people selling all his bitcoin (to Elon) to buy a worthless meme because 3 tweets

  6. OMG I'm getting chased by the chainsaw massacre!! BUT GUYS TODAY FOR THE BITCOIN PRICE!! I SEE SOMETHING IN THE CHARTS!

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  9. “Thank you so much for watchingflashbarwaburgwaber and as always… bye bye”

  10. Moonboys always "say it's only correction it's only correction" until we hit rock bottom. Then they sell them corns to whales Don't be a bull don't be a bear be a trader than you make money.

  11. I am about to go into the mall and buy some shoes because that's an emergency, but I have 10 seconds to spare and wanted to make this video.

  12. Bitcoin is going down, so no massive upside.. It is looking to go down further in the coming week.. Get ready!

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