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Emergency Press Conference – Tesla's Elon Musk is Trying To Tank Bitcoin | Cryptocurrency Trading

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  1. Davey you're mad cause elon I making Joe shmoes money? When your stock hasn't even made any money at all and I know you help businesses but he helps the helpless w no businesses. He basically put 2 extra stimmies in my pocket while the govt hasn't done shit and my company almost got bought out mid pandemic … chilli and join the freaking doge army

  2. If you have thousands of dogecoin and your price average is 5 cents or less, just mute out the BS takes and hold lol

  3. Elon is Manipulating a stock, He knows what his tweets do, And he keeps doing it. He has unlimited money, He having fun with peoples money.

  4. Elon should be banned from Twitter. The chaos he is causing is a million times worse than anything Trump ever caused from tweeting.

  5. I respect you Dave. Even though penn is tanking, you are holding that on your sleeve and stay strong in it. Elon pumps and dumps. Fucked up and I’m tired of people idolizing rich people thinking they are god coming to save them

  6. Elon did it for the people. A small percentage of people got wealthy off Bitcoin. He wanted to even out the playing field. Replacing Bitcoin with the people’s crypto doge is genius. This guy sounds like he didn’t buy any doge at all because he thought it was a joke. How can anyone be mad at someone making their own decisions. Own it.

  7. I've been a longtime fan of Elon Musk, but I agree with Portnoy here. Must has been playing games with people livelihoods. Really disappointed in Elon. Just last week I was praising him for his SNL appearance and felt so proud of him. This is a letdown.

  8. He gave you a chance to buy more be thankful obviously everything is going to come back

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