EcoFlow DELTA 1300 A GAME CHANGING Solar Generator? HONEST Review! 1800w Portable Power Station

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The Professor reviews the most anticipated portable power station / solar generator — the EcoFlow Delta 1300. With its powerful 1800w inverter, 1200w charger, and support for 400 watts of solar is it a game changer? ECOFLOW DELTA 1300: use coupon code EFHOBOTECH50 for a discount!
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  1. No longer too expensive per watt hour as stated in the video. Here's my calculation of cost per watt hour…

    Renogy Lycan Ecoflow EFDelta Jackery Explorer 1500 Bluetti AC200P
    $1,299 $1,099 $1,349 $1,699
    $1.21 $0.87 $0.91 $0.85

    These are all Amazon prices as of May 21, 2021.

  2. Hey HOBO another great review thanks again! How long do you think this would power a Iceco JP40?

  3. please review again. allow the charge to hit 100% and let the unit shut off letting you know that it's really fully charged. then test the power capacity by running until discharged. I think your battery discharge test will be different from what is found in your review.

  4. Can you leave this fully charge like the EB150 for 3 months? Currently the price is the same between EFdelta and EB150 which would you recommend for someone who is using it once a week to charge RC equipment?

  5. Their customer support in US is lacking, I've had it for 4 months and the carport output is dead… Everything else works, but the carport. This is a critical component of my overlanding trips and submitting a ticket or calling will only get you their offshore team and it will take 3-4 days for a us team member to get back to you… Seriously, this is not cool, paying a premium for a product like this. Jackery has a US based team and I also own Jackery products and their CS is top notch man… Beware, I'll fill you all in when support gets back and it they can help me with the dead carport output….. Sigh…

  6. Generark Emergency Power Supply Bundle
    How can they say you have 7 days of power with this.

  7. It seems like every generator is a mix of pluses and minuses. Makes it really hard to decide which one is right for my particular use. We want one to run a refrigerator for a few days in case the power goes out and also run a little portable air conditioner in one of the rooms so we were thinkingof buying two of them. But now that I've seen this review I'm thinking it be better to use the money and get a titan or a blueberry with a bigger power supply. Would appreciate your suggestion

  8. I had one of these but I sent it back. Now I am thinking to get it again. I only need 1200W really and I can charge in the car and by solar. The new LifeP04 units are good but Leoch want to charge me £756 for a unit and £260 to ship it to the UK!

    I can get EF River x2 for that free delivery! but I still like this one and it's now £300 cheaper than then I got it (£999 now – £1299 then!) I have 350W on my roof which will give me decent results. I was concerned about the 800 cycles but I've had another power station for 2.5 years now and only cycled it 62 times! ( all powers unit) so I don't think it will be a problem for occasional use!

    Also good luck trying to run a domestic kettle – they pull 3500W

  9. stupid question. how many times can I charge my iPhone 12 Pro max or iPad Pro 12 with this?

  10. It's on discount right now on amazon. But that small cycle life is a big dislike.

  11. Buyer beware… I bought this product 3/2021 (spent over $2k on different units with Ecoflow. After trying to use this unit I am seeing many short comings not to mention the videos about this unit over heating and smoking. I have been trying to return the unit and now they want to charge me a ton of fees. Return fees, credit card fees, shipping fees. Basically 20% ($400 in fees) in fees. Don't buy it. this company has terrible customer service.

    Let see if the review removes my post because (not saying this one is because I have no idea) majority of these reviewer are being compensated.

    Now they have stopped responding to my emails and hoping I go away….

  12. May be of interest and a little more appealing, At the moment 3-16-21 amazon has these at 21% off which equates to about 300 bucks savings. Just throwing that out there…..

  13. you cover everything I want to know but still do not comprehend. Thank you. great review.

  14. I have jackery solar panel and ecoflow river max Can I do charge? (female DC to ANDERSON ADAPTER)

  15. what size inverter in a car would i need to charge the ecoflow delta from the quick wall charger?

  16. Which one do I truly buy I keep seeing them all . But can't make up my mind . I would like to put a transfer switch on my house n connect one of these with solar panels always running. I wonder if that would help

  17. I wonder how long it would take an ALP 1000W Propane generator to charge one of these? How much propane?

  18. Thank you for your review. Hope to also see a review of a The Flex 1500 from Inergy once they release it. Thank you…

  19. I have an ecoflow delta and 2 rockpals 100w solar panels. The panels didn’t come with the correct adapter to use them with the EF gen. Am I correct that I need an xt60 to Anderson adapter or should I go with the mc4 to Anderson adapter? I’m a newbie to this solar stuff but am trying to understand it and get it right. Thanks for your advice.

  20. I like this unit… what I like to know is how long this unit can run… I'm look for one that can run at least for the whole day with only one full charge… let me know if you can build one like I jus mentioned, how much and I want to buy one from you…

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