Easy Trading Bot Strategy Ideas

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Let’s chat about automated trading bot strategy ideas for the stock market that are EASY and could potentially be profitable.
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24 comentários em “Easy Trading Bot Strategy Ideas

  1. Video idea : Code a bot that trades based off market mover twitter accounts, eg elon musk , if musk tweets something related to a stock add sentiment analysis and trade lol Could be funny

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  3. Hey. Nice video, I really appreciate. I have a question. I am coding my ea and I am a bit stuck.
    I have coded an EA that enters a trade based on the rsi indicator when in overbought and oversold regions. When the the first order is executed (buy) then a sell stop is placed a certain distance below.
    The question is…
    I want the ea to open a buy stop position once the sell stop is hit. How do I do that?

    I am looking forward to your reply. Thanks

  4. Could you please make a futures trading bot because most new investors do not have $25k to get around the Pattern Day Trading rule (PDT). On the other hand, the futures market does not have a PDT rule.

  5. I wanna code but i dont want to trade in specific stock, can i code the bot trade for all the stock in s&p or in the nasdaq?

  6. hi ! Nice video. What's the strategy that make you get a yield of approx 1% a day ? You told us that yield (estimation) in a previous video but you didn't tell us how you managed that. I'm not talking about code here but the indicators you combined to get 1% a day.

  7. Jacob, thank you for the great content. Out of all the brokers/platforms you have programmed against, is Alpaca what you prefer?

  8. Be good if you could make a bot only to enter say in the DJI at a certain number and then get out once hit target so you could just leave it. And do that with multiple markets . So times it might not run but then it will run on times when times are moving up , also you could run it working down. ( just a idea)

  9. 1. Buying/Selling at specific candles – doesn't work long term. Holding overnight has the risk of reversal to previous as profit takers hit and squeeze to the other side. May work from time to time, but you could also be on the wrong "cycle" (meaning maybe you should be buying odd days and selling even, but instead your cycling the other side and it's trashing your investment).

    Think of it this way, yes, a stock "on average" goes up (if it's a good stock), however, you are only capitalizing on half of the upward movement because you are buying and selling on countered days. During the downside, you are pulling 100% of the losses because not only are you losing the day you buy and it goes down, but you sell the next day on the down. This is practically a 1:2 in the opposite direction.

    Plus, since you are buying and selling only close to the open price, you don't give room for the movement, and you are basically only going from open-to-open. You can simplify the backtest by alternating between adding and subtracting the open price. Yes, some days may have a morning spike, but those spikes can be in both directions equally random, so it can be ignored.

    backtest: SPY ranges (1 share up/down) from -186.45 to 219.43 in the last 15 years. A return average of -16.49 of total capital requirement of 219.43 is a loss of 7.51%, or -0.484% yoy.

    VGT ranges from -183.02 to 173.83 in 15 years. A return of -2.51% (-0.165% yoy)

    I could test others quite quickly, already programmed it in.

    2. Buying on an oversold and selling only for profit – yes, this can work, but only because you are "buying and holding"…it doesn't matter what reason you give yourself to do so, as long as you wait long enough, you'll hit your target with just about any "good" stock. I don't have to test this out, this is known investment strategy by all longterms (like Buffett), although they are less likely to sell, the fact that they are "in profit" now means it can happen. The time this takes depends on your profit requirement, if you are looking for 5%, this could happen every month, but if you want 20% profits, this could take a couple years or longer.

    If you wait for overbought, then I also just programmed this in for stocks on my platform and have backtested a couple (using EMA12/24):

    WMT: Has 10 hits in 15 years: 0.17, 2.73, 0.71, 2, 4.03, 2.24, 2.75, 0.50, 9.80, and 13.86. This averages 3.879 profit per share, bringing it to about 4.84% (0.31% yoy)

    SPY: Has 6 hits in 15 years: 11.56, 2.91, 55.71, 1.54, 3.54, and 22.72. Averaging 16.33, returning 8.11% (0.52% yoy)

    Not very good compared to just holding

    3. This strategy is too difficult for my head to work out when it comes to TOS platform, I'm very tired at this point, but it is similar to most daytrading. Having an OCO stop/limit order for a 2:1 spread has the potential of making money, but longterm has never worked out that way. I have seen almost a 50/50 when it comes to gaps, although you can widen your stop loss further to avoid the traps, you reduce the gains because then you're looking at nearly a 0.7:1 ratio (70 cents gain to a dollar loss trigger) just to stay out of stop hunting ranges that I have witnessed in my years trading. For example, WMT on 2/21/12 gapped down from 62.48 to an open of 60.33 (3.4% down), if you put a buy order in to try and fill back the 1.26 gap the low of the previous candle, you would need a stop loss out to 58.20 in order not to get hit, which is a loss factor of 2.13 to gain 1.26 that wouldn't happen until 4/17/20 (a ratio of 0.6:1)


    It's at this point that I realize I had my graph set at weekly instead of daily, so even if the numbers might not reflect correctly, the argument stands in all dimensions.

    4. A better strategy from a "simplistic" standpoint, is simply at 3pm every market day you do the following:

    A. If current price > yesterday's close, sell shares equal to (CurrentShareCount * (PriceNow / CloseYesterday – 1))

    B. If current price < yesterday's close, buy shares equal to (Vesting/PriceNow – Vesting/CloseYesterday)

    "Vesting" is simply the amount of capital you want towards a certain stock, I have found that you only need to keep a fractional "reserve" of common cash (up to 55% of allotment) in order to facilitate any trades. You subtract from Vesting when you buy and you add to Vesting when you sell, simple as that.

    Backtest on WMT with $10,000 Vest over the last 10 years results in $5423.06 total utilization of the Vestment at all points, yielding $9246.93 in cash and 53.5329 in shares as of yesterday, total value around $16,893. This gives a 3.115x efficiency to utilization, compared to buying $10,000 10 years ago and only getting 2.743x utilization return on close of yesterday (yes it's more money total, but you'd lock up all 10k for it). Having 9246.93 leftover means you only "spent" $753.07 for the 53.5329 shares of stock, valued at 142.83, giving you 10.153x ROI in situ. This strategy is difficult to pin yoy returns, because it entails having vast amounts of stock picks on the portfolio all working the same "slush cash"…but I get around 5% to 30% per year.

    There are definitely other strategies I use in my lineup, like Call spread sales against stocks I own for the juice….meaning instead of owning 100 shares of stock to sell 1 Call, I could own just 25 shares of a stock to sell a Call spread to cover the basis, 100 shares means 4 spreads at nearly 2x the value of a single Call option.

  10. You should look into "Heikin Ashi" candlesticks, they show better trends than normal candlesticks

  11. was working with a couple volatility based etfs (VIXM) and noticed that it went up before the crash. Might try statistical arbitrage for that one on the spy.

  12. The candlestick counting strategy works much better when the candles are based on volume instead of time.

  13. Nice video! I've tried to contact you with email, so if you had some time, would really appreciate the answer. Thanks in advance)

  14. Here is what is think about the strategies:
    1: I don't understand what the point is. Okay, it sells the next day after a constant time after opening, but wouldn't it have to buy again at the same time? So it would practically do nothing and just hold the stock or whatever? This is of course profitable with a strong stock, but you could save the costs (commision, slippage, spreads) and just hold without any trading instead.

    2: Not sure about the "just don't sell" part, at some point you have to take losses from a bad trade and these drops happen also with good stocks… A strategy should not have the requirement that "assets continuously go up".

    3: Gap Reversal is interesting, I see this behavior often in my watchlist. It is a known strategy, usually described with trading directly after opening. I think it could be profitable taking the price action of the previous day into account and possibly holding overnight or even multiple days after a significant event.

  15. your better asking traders what strategies work and why they work.
    1. bad idea
    2.bad idea
    3. bad idea

  16. Hey Jacob, have you heard of the trailing technic? Basically you should raise your stop-loss limit with the price rise, so whenever your profit dropped beneath the updated stop-loss limit you close the position. It's easy to implement and you can make a video on this technic. Wish you a good opportunities and thanks for the content.

  17. Would you ever write a program that scrapes financial statements? That would be really awesome to see, specifically from EDGAR! Can you do that? In python?

  18. Great content definitely some strategies I've never thought or herd off well worth investigate thanks for sharing.

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